Z country Doc’s Angels – Z Nation, Season 3, episode 11, “Doc’s Angels” find our lovable white-bearded previous guidance counselor and also amateur pharmacist in search of a radio transmitter so that he have the right to warn Warren via citizen Z that the bald Man has Lucy and also is acquisition her come his masters. He thinks he has actually located a transmitter broadcasting poetry. Rather Doc is almost eaten by a trio the zombies, among which has been decorated through glitter and also rhinestones. However he is rescued through three very strange women that seem come be life in a compound, do art, broadcasting poetry, and also keeping zombies as pets.

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As it turns out it is a instance of the frying pan into the fire.


Review and also recap Z nation Doc’s Angels

At an initial things space strange yet decidedly pleasant. The three women feeding Doc v what they to speak is a vegan meal, provide him organic tea, and also a good helping the weed. That is implied the they provide him a generous part of sex. Unfortunately, there is a catch.


Determine to shot to contact Citizen Z and make his getaway, Doc, dressed currently in a lady’s robe, do the efforts to use the transmitter. Yet he finds himself chased around the link by the women, who have actually inexplicably rotate malicious. The stumbles upon a dungeon where guys are preserved chained up, supposedly being used as food for the zombies. Doc frees them, desire them good luck, and then continues running. The winds increase climbing to the optimal of the transmission antenna if the 3 women watch from below in amusement.

Oh, and also that vegan meal? It turns out that he was wearing sandals, therefore close enough.

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Doc manages come topple the antenna, landing him exterior the compound. That scurries to safety, sadder yet wiser of yet an additional danger of the zombie apocalypse. The three women sit earlier and marvel in ~ the “one that got away.”

Meanwhile, in the much north, citizens Z and Kaya pick up a transmission from the bald-headed guy to his master requesting a helicopter pickup because that him and Lucy. Time come warn Warren and also her group so they deserve to hopefully prevent it.

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Characters and cast the Z country Doc’s Angels include:

Doc – Russell Hodgkinson (Big Fish, Grimm, 21 & Over)Citizen Z – DJ Qualls (The man in the High Castle, Legit, Supernatural, Memphis Beat, All around Steve, Hustle & Flow)Kaya – Ramona Young (The actual O’Neals, Review, man Seeking Woman)Linda – Debra Wilson (MADtv, Avatar, household Guy, end the Hedge)