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Problem:When a particle falls through the air, its early stage acceleration a = g diminishes till it is zero, and thereafter it falls at a consistent or terminal velocity



. At first the particle falls from rest.My attempt:
I provided a ds = dv (*edit: i supplied a dt = dv) and also came up with

but on MasteringEngineering"s feedback, it claims my prize either includes an incorrect number multiplier or is lacking one. Am ns doing the integral incorrectly?Thanks.
There"s a mistake in my opening post. I supplied a dt = dv instead of a ds = dt.Basically, ns took the integral that 1/(v_f^2-v^2) from 0 to v_f/2 which is ln|3|, based off of: int dx/(a2 - x2) = <1/(2 a)> ln |(a + x)/(a - x)| + CSo I come out with (ln|3|)/gIs the correct?
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