Written by legendary sax players Emilio Castillo and also Stephen Kupka, the song portrays a young male at the wrong finish of a break-up. The case is bleak since his lover pins… read More 

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You're quiet a young manBaby, Oo oo, don't waste your timeYou're quiet a young manBaby, Oo oo, don't waste her timeDown on mine kneesOh, love in handI to be accused that being also youngBut I'm not so youngI can make you happyI'm no a bad manYou're too young to love (If you and also I might be together)You're too young come love (I'll never ever never leaving you alone baby)You're as well young Ooo Ooo (No ns won't sweet lady)Don't waste her timeThe damages is doneYou watch that you were wrongYou wake up up wondering justHow well I've doneWell I've done alrightYes there are some girls however you knowI dropped castle on sightJust for youBecause ns love you
You're still a young manBaby, Oo oo, don't waste her time(Someday you'll understand simply what it means when a manComes to you through his little heart in his handsJust come love you)Don't waste her timeYou better listen to meSayin the I'm love you yeah hey now baby tryin to tellYou the it's girlfriend you girlfriend you friend you you you talkin come youBaby, I'll never never never never I'll never never carry out youNo wrong no no lady if girlfriend would check my stuff the end one time hahaJust to hold you, simply to squeeze you and all ns wanna execute is toGet next to you and also please you re welcome please girlfriend babySee where I'm comin from!
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Written by legend sax football player Emilio Castillo and Stephen Kupka, the track portrays a young guy at the wrong finish of a break-up. The case is bleak since his lover pins the separation on an age difference. In an interview through Songfacts Castillo said:

It’s based on a true story. I had actually a girlfriend the was six years older 보다 me. Ns was 18, she was 24 and also that’s in reality what happened. She had actually kind of reduced me loosened because that the age difference thing and also the whole plea in the story is the young guy’s saying, ‘I’m not as well young, I’m not wasting my time and I perform love you prefer a man deserve to truly love a woman.’"

The track would go on to be the bands first major hit specifying their sound v a prominent horn section motivated by Curtis Mayfield:

“On that album yes a song dubbed “A Woman’s Love” that starts off with beautiful trumpets really high. When we heard the we wanted to write a tune with a an excellent trumpet intro choose that. – TowerofPower.com


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Written By
Stephen Kupka & Emilio Castillo
Release Date
Sampled In
​yung luv by Screechr
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