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By Cal Thomas

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Published 9:11 afternoon Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Three years back when Republicans to be battling chairman Obama end the debt ceiling and a federal government shutdown, the chairman said, “You don’t like a certain policy or a certain president? climate argue for her position. Go the end there and win one election.”

That is what republic did top top Nov. 8. In enhancement to to win the presidential election, Republicans additionally maintained majorities in the House and also Senate and also now have actually 33 governorships and also 32 state legislatures under GOP control. It to be a therefore repudiation that the far-left policies of the autonomous Party. To paraphrase Mr. Obama: republicans won, democracy lost, now address it.

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Democrats are having a tough time managing it and so rather of assessing why they and also their policies were so roundly rejected, they have determined to take it a acquainted path. They space smearing newly called White house counselor and chief strategist Stephen Bannon, the executive chairman the Breitbart News, together an anti-Semite and bigot with small or no evidence, various other than guilt by association for incendiary short articles posted ~ above when he was chairman.

In various other overreaction to the election results, part despondent lefties have actually announced their intention to continue violating the law when it concerns illegal aliens.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, that can’t manage the shooting collection his city has become, has actually said Chicago will proceed to be a sanctuary city because that any and also all human being who damaged federal immigrant laws. He join the mayors of brand-new York City, san Francisco, Los Angeles and an ext than 2 dozen various other cities and also towns who have actually made similar declarations, for this reason violating federal law and their oaths of office to protect the federal and also state constitutions.

Washington, D.C., radio talk present host chris Plante has actually a an excellent idea to counter this lawlessness. ~ above his routine Tuesday, Plante claimed that if one illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city commits a crime, especially murder, the market of that city need to be prosecuted through the righteousness Department as an accessory. The Trump management should additionally announce it will certainly withhold federal funds for any type of city the harbors people who broke immigration legislations to get here.

Billionaire globalist George Soros met in Washington this main with residence Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to plot strategy for how to protect against Trump. Here’s exactly how a story in Politico put it: “George Soros and also other wealthy liberals who spent tens of millions of dollars do the efforts to selected Hillary Clinton room gathering in Washington because that a three-day, closed-door meeting to retool the big-money left to fight back against Donald Trump.” the was wasted money provided the outcome. In business, if your strategy isn’t working, you change the strategy. In liberal politics, it’s prefer a cult. You think despite any and also all proof that proves your beliefs wrong.

The left and angry democracy believe and also behave as if government is your property and also when Republicans success they are stealing merchandise the doesn’t belong come them. In their initiatives to kneecap Trump prior to he takes office, they will certainly again rely on the huge media as their ally. Except it no work during the campaign and also it won’t work-related now since the public’s to trust in news organizations is in ~ a record low.

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The peril for Democrats and also the left is the the really same “angry white voters” lock alienated throughout the campaign might it is in driven also further away, if they won’t even allow Trump to take office and have the classic honeymoon duration to check out if his principles can it is in implemented and also whether castle work. That have the right to only mean an ext Republican win in the future.

Deal v it!

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