Origin that Turn ago the hands of Time

The word hands in this idiom could seem arbitrarily or confusing. However, if you recognize some terminology for analog clocks, this wording i do not care clearer. The elevator of a clock, v the numbers created on it, is called the face. The pointers that move about the challenge are dubbed the hands.

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In movies, a popular way to present that who is travel backwards gradually is to show a clock with the hands moving backwards. The is the idea behind this expression.

If someone is transforming back (moving backwards in various other words) the hands of time (the hand on a clock), they space traveling ago into the past.

The precise origin of this expression is unclear. However, it seems to have actually existed as early as the 1880s.

Examples that Turn earlier the hand of Time

In the conversation below, 2 friends are stating a mistake the they made.

Scott: execute you remember all those years ago when we went to high college together?

Tony: of course! It was amazing. I had actually the ideal time in high school.

Scott: i’m not sure I agree. Us were sort of bullies. Don’t you remember exactly how cruel us were to the student on the chess team? We constantly made fun of them and also knocked their books onto the ground.

Tony: i forgot about that. Yeah, we were nice horrible. Maybe we should apologize.

Scott: ns wish we could turn ago the hands of time and undo what we did to them. Since that’s impossible, ns guess an apology will have to suffice.

Two coworkers use the expression when talking around their children.

Richard: My children are getting older for this reason fast! my youngest is already 8 years old!

Miranda: I understand what girlfriend mean! It seems like simply yesterday i was holding my children in my eight as small babies. Ns can’t think that my youngest is currently 10 year old.

Richard: ns love the age my kids are now, yet sometimes i miss having babies. Ns wish I might turn ago the hand of time and experience that special time almost everywhere again.

More Examples

This excerpt is around a murderer who states he desire he had actually not killed those people.

The 2nd example is from an article around a judge killer that won release from jail.

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The phrase turn ago the hand of time means to take trip backwards in time, into the past.


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