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Calvin Mantso from southern Africa phibìc WestI really love the tune it heals me once am sadTom from Lafayette, GaIts tough to listen to this tune while they have actually a montage that michael jackson"s life showing in the background. He was a great singer, and also a helluva dancer! R.I.P. MJ.Lin Lin indigenous Pinson, AlThis track is around elvis presleys daughter after the married her- and how that felt he can relate to her.Stephanie indigenous Amsterdam, NetherlandsCorrection: The Belgian referee is enforced and also recognized in Europe. It was proven R. Kelly had no independent occupational when the recordings v Michael Jackson take it place. Kelly videotaped an onauthorised cover-version from the original Van Passel composition with Michael Jackson.Europe: the recognition and also enforcement the judgments in civil and commercial matters. In 2007 the Court of very nice in Brussels make a general conclusion: "The basic conclusion is worded then together follows: the ingredient You are not alone needs to be taken into consideration to be an imitation of If we have the right to start every over." Europe: the recognition and enforcement the judgments in civil and also commercial matters: for the functions of the complimentary movement of judgments, judgments offered in a Member State tied by this Regulation should be recognised and enforced in an additional Member State bound by this Regulation, even if the referee debtor is domiciled in a third State. native Valencia, Philippinesthis track is an extremely unforgetable come me......the quite smooth lyricsss that deserve to captivate her mind and heart michael will continue to be in our mind forever.....thanks for the music......that you have shared v us.....Theresa native Murfreesboro, TnThis track is type of corny yet lovely.Danielle from autumn River, Maone that the most beautiful song ever, so romantic so captivating only michael jackson nobody else could have provided so much power. Whenever i hear this tune i think of him to sing it on phase to then wife lisa marie pressly therefore beautiful. I also loved at conserts that would bring the female pan on stage and also dance through them together he sang this songdespite what human being may speak michael jackson was a the heart of seven people.Fariha native Dhaka, --This is a track that friend can"t obtain sick of. That sounds brand-new every time. It has an eerie, haunting quality to it however it"s therefore sweet and touching in ~ the exact same time. And the ingredient is genius!Mjn Seifer native Not listed For personal Reason, EnglandIf anyone demands this tune - it"s Michael Jackson...Lina indigenous Sacramento, CaI choose this song. It"s nice and smooth. Ns didn"t know he sings sluggish songs...jk. That sounds an excellent every means and all the way.Mindy native Hesperia, Calove the lyrics to this song!see an ext comments
revolve On The RadioReba McEntire

When "Turn top top The Radio" topped the January 1, 2011 nation chart, Reba McEntire became the very first female solo act to have a #1 struggle in 4 straight decades.

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template From ShaftIsaac Hayes

When "Theme indigenous Shaft" winner an Oscar, Isaac Hayes came to be the first African American to success in the "Best Song" category.

The Wind Cries MaryJimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix wrote "The Wind Cries Mary" not about marijuana, but about his girlfriend in ~ the time, Kathy mary Etchingham.

I obtained You BabeSonny & Cher

"I gained You Babe" renders Sonny Bono the only person to carry out on a #1 hit and additionally get chosen to congress.

HumanThe Killers

"Human" by The Killers was the most streamed tune on Spotify in 2008, the year the the music streaming service was launched.

super FreakRick James

The Temptations sang back-up on "Super Freak" by stack James. The mentions lock in the song as soon as he says, "Temptations, sing!"

at an early stage Days of MTVFact or Fiction

If you deserve to recall the days as soon as MTV play videos, you recognize that there are many stories to tell. View if you can spot the genuine ones.

Matt SorumSongwriter Interviews

When he joined firearms N" Roses in 1990, Matt helped them craft an orchestral sound; his mezzo fortes and also pianissimos are all over "November Rain."

Booker T. JonesSongwriter Interviews

The Stax legend on how he cooked up "Green Onions," the very first time he and also Otis Redding witnessed hippies, and also if he"ll ever before play a digital organ.

Bryan AdamsSongwriter Interviews

What"s the resolve "Summer that "69"? Bryan explains what the song is yes, really about, and also shares an ext of his songwriting insights.

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Adam Duritz of counting CrowsSongwriter Interviews

"Mr. Jones" took on new an interpretation when the song about a misguided watch of fame do Adam famous.

The PoliceFact or Fiction

Do their first three albums have French titles? Is "De carry out Do Do, De Da Da Da" yes, really meaningless? watch if you can tell in this truth or Fiction.