Kim Jong Un during a military parade ~ above Thursday in a photo listed by a North oriental state agency. Korean main Agency/Korea service via AP
Kim Jong Un showed up at a armed forces parade top top Thursday and also seemed to have lost even an ext weight.

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Pictures exit by state media verified his fit hanging an ext loosely than in previous years.

North Korea watchers have long provided Kim's obvious weight loss, despite there's no clean explanation.

North oriental leader Kim Jong Un showed up slimmer in new photos in ~ a armed forces parade, renewing old speculation the he's shedding weight.

Kim presided over a display of military force in Pyongyang beforehand Thursday as part of celebrations for the 73rd anniversary of the country's founding.


A July 30 report top top Korea central Television appeared to display Kim through bandages ~ above the earlier of his head. KCTV/Insider

In April 2020, he was the subject of rumors that a wellness scare after he disappeared from public check out for 2 weeks.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the country has declared to have no cases and also declared chin coronavirus-free.

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That claim was shaken, however, through a reshuffling that Kim's an elderly leadership in July that was prompted, Kim said, by a "grave crisis" relating come the pandemic. The did not sell details.

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