WWE Roadblock: finish of the heat wrapped increase 2016 by giving fans numerous moments come chew on, savor and discuss through the water cooler.

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Charlotte Flair left Sasha financial institutions bloodied, broken and limping away from the ring without she crown. WWE again finished The Boss" run also early, but it was tough not to be relocated by the drama this warriors produced.

Chris Jericho laid the end Kevin Owens, just to hug that afterward. Chaos followed, which set up part intriguing story ahead.

Sami Zayn loudly rejected his basic manager"s attempt to conserve him as he take it on the beastly Braun Strowman. This clash the underdog and monster was an outside-the-box success.

Sunday"s Raw-exclusive pay-per-view"s in-ring contests may not have actually won over the whole WWE audience, but one can"t speak to Roadblock uneventful. The present featured a pair of location changes, a historical women"s match and also Neville embracing his inside darkness.

Read on because that a malfunction of whereby the PPV thrived and where the stumbled, finish with highlights and letter grades for every the night"s action.

Enzo Amore referred to as out Rusev and also Lana prior to the bout. The and large Cass go a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer bit. 

Big Cass then slugged Rusev anywhere the ring. He conquered The Bulgarian Brute, who tried to escape right into the stands.

Lana distracted Amore to open him up because that a sneak strike from Rusev. The heel slipped right into the ring just prior to the referee counted to 10.


Rusev wins via count-out. 

Memorable Moments and Quotes

"My words have the legs of a 7-footer."—Amore




What an underwhelming an initial act of this feud. The enhance lacked the intensity that needed. And also it did tiny to attract fans to stay tuned in.

This storyline stays uncomfortable and also off-the-mark.

Why need to we root versus Rusev here? He"s the victim—a guy trying to safeguard his wife"s honor. Amore"s character, meanwhile, is veering turn off in the not correct direction. 

The new Day celebrated being the longest-reigning WWE tags team champion ever. 

Cesaro popped Kofi Kingston in the mouth through a dropkick the end of the gate. The King that Swing and also Sheamus teamed up on Kingston, beating increase the champ in your corner.

Big E led a comeback, leaving Sheamus reeling.

Things rotate chaotic as soon as Sheamus inadvertently clocked Cesaro, and also Xavier Woods nailed The Swiss Superman through a cheap shot. Woods tried to help his team by distracting the challengers.

But Sheamus and also Cesaro continued to survive. In the end, The Celtic Warrior leaped top top Kingston to pen the high-flyer.

The brand-new Day taken on Cesaro before having to hand over the titles.


Sheamus and also Cesaro win via pinfall.

Memorable Moments and also Quotes

The new Day dons Christmas-themed tights.Kingston call Sheamus and also Cesaro a variety of names, consisting of "The Fellowship of the Swing" and "Swing Low, Swiss Chariot."Cesaro uppercuts Kingston the end of the air.Big E flies out that the ring to deliver a spear to Sheamus.Cesaro it is intended a hurricanrana to Kingston native the peak rope.Sheamus and also Cesaro fake a tag to trick Kingston.




More hype and better buildup would have made this an even bigger moment. Still, it"s substantial for Cesaro and also Sheamus to end The new Day"s historic reign.

High-octane action kicked off the PPV the right way.

There was plenty to leaving fans talking after the bout, too. Cesaro"s teamwork and also tension through Sheamus foreshadowed just how intriguing this reign will be. The champs showed off more heel tendencies that hinted in ~ a future turn. 

The life tag team department did fine to keep itself exciting heading into 2017.

Zayn offered his speed to evade and fluster Strowman early. The large man, though, grabbed hold the the underdog and pounded him right into the canvas.

Strowman dished out a methodical offense.

Zayn fought earlier but spent much of the bout punch-drunk. Strowman repeatedly lifted his foe up before the referee can count to three.

Raw general manager Mick Foley emerged with a white flag in hand. Zayn begged Foley no to throw it.

Strowman ran into the ring post and also barreled through the protection barricade. That opened up the door because that Zayn to go on offense and hold ago the beast until time ran out.


Zayn wins by lasting the time limit.

Memorable Moments and Quotes

Strowman slams Zayn"s confront onto the ring apron."Lure him come the peak of Mt. Washington and also get somebody to assist push that off."—Corey graves on what his strategy would certainly be versus Strowman."You"ll conserve his life by throwing the bath towel in."—Strowman come Foley.Fans singing "Delete!" in recommendation to Matt Hardy.




While no the standard heavy-workload complement that fans so frequently adore, a distinctive story and also plenty that drama made for great collision.

Both wrestlers shone in their roles. The bout well balanced Strowman looking unstoppable and Zayn looking gutsy.

The ending set up the following chapter, whereby either Zayn can reduced the giant at the knees, or Strowman can finish what the didn"t obtain to in ~ Roadblock.

Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins traded the advantage as the foes grounding to mat wrestling at first. A ignorance to the eye left The Architect top top the defensive.

Jericho mocked his opponent as he punished him. 

Rollins eventually charged back. He flew in ~ Y2J, his momentum building. The rivals left each various other drained together they traded shots.

Kevin Owens ran under to aid his buddy, Jericho. The distraction caused Jericho losing. Rollins struggle a Pedigree for the win.


Rollins wins via pinfall.

Memorable Moments and Quotes

Rollins leaps turn off the ring apron to provide a flying knee.Rollins pushes Jericho out of the ring to stop a Lionsault."He"s going come quit!"—Jericho while putting Rollins in the wall surfaces of Jericho.




A plodding pace and also a distraction complete led to an underwhelming match. Rollins and Jericho didn"t complement the aggression your rivalry dictated. And also this was not nearly as compelling that a performance as these two Superstars are capable of.

WWE is much more focused ~ above Jericho and Owens" story than furthering Rollins" problems with Y2J. That will lead to a hell of a showdown in between former ideal friends.

But the Rollins-Jericho tale is poised to it is in a letdown follow me the way.

Rich Swann, The Brian Kendrick and TJ Perkins all struck each various other from the get-go.

The champion offered thunderous kicks to rattle his foes. Kendrick and also Perkins each clamped on their signature submission holds in quest of victory.

Swann knocked Perkins out with a spinning kick. He quickly scored a three-count.

Neville stepped out and also throttled both Swann and also Perkins. 


Swann maintain via pinfall.

Memorable Moments and Quotes

Swann hits a double hurricanrana top top both Kendrick and Perkins.Perkins and Swann both superkick Kendrick.Perkins releases his kneebar ~ above Swann in the ropes in spite of there gift no disqualifications in the match."Why? Why?"—Swann come Neville. 




The complement itself to be a disappointment. WWE proceeds to battle to translate the activity we experienced on the Cruiserweight standard to the key roster.

The bout didn"t function the electric action these three males have constructed their careers on.

The addition of Neville to the cruiserweight division, though, is great move. WWE has wasted his talent for much of the year. A adjust in attitude and also a new focus as part of a world where he will thrive are no-brainers.

That move added a hefty dose of power to the cruiserweight division.

Sasha Banks and also Charlotte Flair started the clash cautiously, emotion each various other out top top the mat.

The Boss continued to be atop Flair early. She frustrated the challenger with submission holds and also a collection of counters. Banks was unable to score a fall, however.

Flair tripped Banks and also sent she flying face-first into the ring steps. The inert shifted, and The Queen overcame the champ.

Natural choice allowed Flair to score the an initial fall. Banks tied it up quickly with a roll-up. Banks soon moved into the lead by forcing a submission with the financial institution Statement.

An upset Flair responded by blasting Banks" knee and focusing on the weak spot from that suggest on. The Queen locked banks in the number Eight Leglock, forcing her enemy to hold on for virtually a minute in the painful hold.

Banks tapped simply as time expired.

The referee announced the complement would get in overtime. Flair ongoing to work-related on Banks" bad wheel. The champion, her nose bloodied at this point, might not fight through one more Figure Eight.


Flair wins 3-2 to victory the the life Women"s Championship.

Memorable Moments and Quotes

Banks walk the famed Flair "Woo!" and Flair strut."Charlotte is make her own legacy. She doesn"t need any kind of heroes."—Graves.Banks hits her dual knees turn off the ring apron.Banks bring away a nasty spill onto the ring steps.Flair drives she knee into Banks" foot while The ceo is tied up in the ropes."What a beautiful finishing to a beautiful story."—Graves.




Time flew by in a lengthy, dramatic job-related of theater. A compelling story played out on the canvas as the rivals propelled each various other to their limits once again.

The challenge deftly offered the Iron male stipulation to include intrigue.

The result, though, is bewildering. WWE switching the title back so numerous times has hurt the power of each title win. It"s hard to gain invested in the brand-new champion in ~ this point.

WWE need to let someone organize on to the gold for a sustained stretch now.


Kevin Owens retreated from roman inn Reigns from the onset. Once The large Dog caught the global champ, he tagged with best hands.

Outside the ring, Owens got the advantage by bashing Reigns in the ribs. KO grounded Reigns because that a lengthy stretch.

The adversaries slugged that out, each male briefly owning the momentum.

Owens overpowered Reigns. The U.S. Champ fired back with his signature high-impact moves. KO looked to finish the back-and-forth battle by wrecking Reigns with the universal title.

Jericho ran out and laid out Owens v a Codebreaker. He climate handed the location to Owens, and the 2 buddies commemorated together.

Rollins entered, and he and also Reigns attacked both Jericho and also Owens.


Owens wins via disqualification, retaining the title together a result.

Memorable Moments and also Quotes

Reigns slings Owens right into the barricade.Owens hits a senton turn off the ring steps."If you"re so tough, how come girlfriend didn"t put your location on the line, huh?"—Owens come Reigns.Owens hits a swinging fisherman suplex indigenous the height rope.Owens hits 2 frog splashes top top Reigns atop the announcers" table.Reigns counters a superkick through a powerbomb.Reigns and Rollins powerbomb Owens with a table on the entrance ramp.




A much more aggressive Owens, playing a menacing, major heel again, was refreshing. He and Reigns placed on a strong effort, although a many rest holds pains the action early.

Some fans won"t be thrilled through a disqualification finish, but it made perfect sense with the story. And also Jericho and also Owens" reunion to be a powerful sight. The very same goes for Reigns and Rollins working with each other again.

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The chaos at the end and also after the bout will develop plenty come buzz around after the PPV.