Aldol Condensation:Dehydration of Aldol Products to Synthesize α, β Unsaturated carbonyl (enones)MechanismBase Catalyzed MechanismAcidic Conditions Mechanism


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create an equation to highlight the development of a conjugated enone from a β‑hydroxy aldehyde or ketone. write a detailed mechanism for the fundamental or acidic elimicountry of water from a β‑hydroxy aldehyde or ketone. describe why β‑hydroxy aldehydes and also ketones undergo elimination reactions much even more conveniently than a lot of other alcohols. recognize the enone commodities from the aldol condensation of a given aldehyde or ketone.

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Study Notes

Conjugated enones, prefer conjugated dienes, have actually even more natural stability compared through their non‑conjugated counterparts. You may wish to review Section 14.1 on dienes, which gives a molecular orbital summary mirroring π electron distribution over four atomic centres.


Note that both of the elimination mechanisms described below (acidic and basic) involve either the enol create or the enolate anion of the β‑hydroxy carbonyl compound.

General Aldol Reaction


Dehydration of Aldol Products to Synthesize α, β Unsaturated carbonyl (enones)

The assets of aldol reactions, with heating, regularly undergo a subsequent elimination of water, consisted of from an alpha-hydrogen and the beta-hydroxyl team. The product of this acid or base-catalyzed E1cB elimination reactivity (Section 11-10) reaction is an α,β-unsaturated aldehyde or ketone (Enones). Although tbelow may be multiple position wbelow the alkene may create, it will constantly favor to be in conjugation with the carbonyl.

Conjugated enone assets are even more steady than non-conjugated because of extfinished P orbital overlap. Conjugation of the p electrons of the alkene and also carbonyl bonds administer a molecular-orbital description mirroring the interactivity of p electrons of all four atoms. The additional stability offered by the conjugated carbonyl system of the product makes many kind of aldol reactions thermodynamically factorable.

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Stereobromheads.tvical Considerations

When aldehyde founding products are offered for an aldol condensation, there is the opportunity of forming both E and also Z alkene isomers.When symmetrical ketones are supplied, the alkene developed lacks the ability to create isomers so a single product is made.






1) Protonation

The device starts via the 2 step tautomerization process to form an enol.