Season 14, episode 1 through Land and also Sea

Fourteen of the worst cooks in America enter culinary boot camp with dreams of placing their kitchen nightmares behind them. Chefs ann Burrell and Robert Irvine want to watch what they"re handle with, therefore they asking the recruits to make their signature dishes, with truly destructive results. After gift sorted into teams, the recruits dive right right into the deep end of the kitchen by finding out to do a surf and also turf dish. The recruits v the worst dishes on every team are sent out home.

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Season 14, illustration 2 Hibachi Heroes

The recruits go into boot camp and also find it has been transformed right into everyone"s favorite video game show, family members Food! The groups go head to head in trivia rounds and culinary tasks experimentation their knowledge of the kitchen. The recruits clock a Teppanyaki chef carry out dazzling tricks end a grill, and also then chefs anne Burrell and also Robert Irvine teach them exactly how to do a hibachi-style enjoy the meal for the key dish challenge. The recruits that light up the kitchen will continue on, yet those that stumble will go house in a blaze.

Season 14, episode 3 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Chefs anne Burrell and also Robert Irvine decide the it"s time for the recruits to spread their wings. Because that the skill drill, they must work in teams to recognize the ingredient of five mother sauces and then produce their very own chicken through pan sauce key for your chef. The key dish difficulty finds the chefs teaching your recruits to do fried chicken and cornbread, and the recruits who battle are forced to paris the coop.

Season 14, illustration 4 The Ick aspect

The kitchen can be a scary place, however the recruits must learn to face their fears in boot camp. First, they"re forced to broaden their palates v some unusual ingredients in a Cake Walk-inspired video game that proves to it is in anything however a cakewalk. Then, the recruits acquire up near and an individual with some creatures that the sea, harvesting ink to make fresh squid octopus pasta under the watchful eyes of chefs anne Burrell and Robert Irvine. The brave recruits who conquer their fear will continue on in boots camp, yet those that struggle space doomed come head home.

Season 14, episode 5 piece of Cake

Chefs Robert Irvine and Anne Burrell leaving the recruits come their very own devices, asking them to work-related in teams to recreate a dish by taste alone. Unbeknownst to the recruits, the chefs covertly watch their every move and also are shocked through what castle see. Because that the main dish challenge, the recruits need to bake a tiered cake to suit two special guest judges, Food Network"s Gesine Prado and also Jason Smith. In the end, Anne and Robert decision which recruits fulfill their sweet tooth and which ones leaving them v a toothache.

Season 14, illustration 6 Duck, Duck ...

The last four recruits start thinking about life after boot camp and learn come navigate a grocery store store once boot camp is transformed into Worst Cooks general Market. Then they"re rejoined with your loved ones and also asked to do them a dish to show off their new skills. Chefs ann Burrell and also Robert Irvine teach your ducklings just how to make exceptional duck 2 ways, and also when the love ones taste every of the dishes in a remote taste test, the recruits that fail come impress risk being eliminated.

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Season 14, episode 7 ultimately the Finale

The staying recruits confront off in one last ability drill to identify who will contend in the finale. To check out how much they"ve come, the recruits recreate their baseline dishes using all the methods they"ve learned in boots camp. Climate chefs Robert Irvine and also Anne Burrell teach their last two recruits just how to do a three-course, restaurant-quality meal, and also the 2 finalists put all your culinary skills to the check in stimulate to admire a panel of culinary experts. Judges David Burtka, Daphne Oz and also Melba Wilson taste the recruits" bowl in a blind taste test and also determine the winner the the $25,000 prize.


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