The Joan F. Giambalvo money for the advance of Women offers scholarships of as much as $10,000 to assistance research progressing the study of females in the clinical profession and also strengthening the AMA"s capacity to identify and attend to the worries affecting ladies physicians and also medical students.

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The first award was granted in 2006. The scholarship was established by the Women doctors Section (WPS) in conjunction through the AMA Foundation. Come date, 31 study awards have been granted.

Learn around the recipients the the 2021 Joan F. Giambalvo money for the advance of Women and read around their research study projects.

Project 1: The pandemic and also the female physician: creating a framework to retain female faculty

Award winnersHuma Farid, MD, associate regimen director, obstetrics and gynecology residency in ~ Beth Israel Deaconess medical Center/Harvard medical SchoolK. Meredith Atkins, MD, associate dean undergraduate medical education Beth Israel Deaconess clinical Center/Harvard medical SchoolProject summary

The project concentrates on evaluating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic top top female medical professionals with children, through the end goal of arising a frame for just how institutions can ideal support this physicians, an especially those physicians who are beforehand in your careers. Us aim to perform this through an anonymous inspection of female medical professionals in scholastic institutions. Based upon the survey data and our very own experiences in ~ our institution, us would develop a substantial framework for institutions to assist support woman faculty.

"We room thrilled to have actually received the Giambalvo Award! The pandemic has had actually an indelible impact on the nation, and also most an especially for our frontline workers. As women in medicine, we have actually witnessed and also experienced first-hand the obstacles female medical professionals face: transforming work schedules, remote learning, isolation from our families and a lack of consistent, trustworthy childcare. The impossible task that balancing it every was made even more challenging during the pandemic, but there are methods to assist support female doctors that us aim to explore and also promote with our project.

"When we received this award, us felt heard and acknowledged. It has actually bolstered united state to seek this attention in the hope the we can use the lessons acquired from the pandemic to promote doctor well-being and also retain female medical professionals in the workforce."

Project 2: Intersection of trainee ethnicity/race and also gender on student assessment in medical education and learning (InTERsect study)


Award winnerRobin Klein, MD, MEHP, Emory University college of Medicine, room of MedicineCo-investigatorsNneka N. Ufere, MD, Massachusetts basic HospitalSherri-Ann M. Burnett-Bowie, MD, MPH, Massachusetts general HospitalKerri Palamara, MD, Massachusetts general HospitalIshani Ganguli, MD, MPH, Brigham and also Women"s HospitalJennifer Koch, MD, college of LouisvilleErin D. Snyder, MD, college of Alabama Birmingham school of MedicineAnna Volerman, MD, college of ChicagoSarah Schaeffer, MD, college of California, mountain FranciscoKatherine A. Julian, MD, college of California, san FranciscoVanessa Thompson, MD, university of California, san FranciscoWendy Simon, MD, university of California, Los AngelesSimerjot K. Jassal, MD, university of California, san Diego and also Veterans Administration, san DiegoAlex Millard, MD, university of VirginiaBrian Uthlaut, MD, university of Virginia

Pictured: (top row, left to right) Erin D. Snyder, MD; Sherri-Ann M. Burnett-Bowie, MD, MPH; Vanessa Thompson, MD; (bottom row, left to right) Nneka N. Ufere, MD; Kerri Palamara, MD; Katherine A. Julian, MD
Project summary

Inequities and bias in student assessment room critically necessary yet understudied difficulties in medicine. Disparities in assessments likely add to maintaining inequities and also gaps in representation throughout the profession. When evidence suggests gender and also race/ethnicity independently influence assessment, what stays unknown is how gender and also race crossing in evaluate in clinical education. Us propose a multi-site longitudinal research to check out the intersection of gender and race/ethnicity in faculty assessments of student performance in medical education. This will certainly be the an initial multisite study experimenting the intersection the gender and race in assessment in GME.

"We are honored to get the 2021 Joan F. Giambalvo money for the development of women to support this important project. Understanding the combined influence of race and also gender on women’s experience in medical education and training is vital to achieve true sex equity. We room thankful because that the support of the AMA for our team work assessing bias in evaluate at the intersection the gender and race/ethnicity."

AMA is seeking innovative research proposals concentrating on professional work/practice concerns that influence women physicians, including however not minimal to:

Leadership cultivate protocolsGender-based physician practice patternsPhysician satisfaction or burnoutRetention incentivesPractice re-entry issues

The deadline because that applications is July 15, 2022. An application form will it is in posted as soon as available.

The American medical Association Women physicians Section (WPS) in conjunction v the AMA structure established the Joan F. Giambalvo fund for the advance of women to promote the progress of females in the clinical profession and to strengthen the capacity to determine and deal with the demands of females physicians and also medical students.

Promote the development of females in the medical profession v a tax-deductible donation to the Joan F. Giambalvo money for the breakthrough of Women.

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About Joan F. Giambalvo, MD

About Joan F. Giambalvo, MD

Joan Fara Giambalvo got her undergraduate degree from the college of Pennsylvania and, in 1956, her medical degree from temple University medical School. Dr. Giambalvo to be an intern at temple University Hospital and also certified in she residency through the American plank of Anesthesiology.

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Dr. Giambalvo passed far on may 14, 1971, at age 39, that liposarcoma.

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