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The magician of Oz: beyond the Yellow Brick Road is a role-playing video game for the Nintendo DS developed by the Japanese video game developer Media.Vision. It was published by Xseed games in phibìc America and was released in the an ar in 2009. The was initially published through D3 Publisher in Japan and also released in 2008 together RIZ-ZOAWD. This video game is a surprise gem that can be appreciated by Wizard the Oz fans and RPG pan of all ages. This game is based on the books by L. Frank Baum and is a perfect game for fans of the initial book series or movie.


A promotional graphic mirroring Dorothy, Scarecrow, believe Man, and Lion as they show up in "The sorcerer’s of Oz: beyond the Yellow Brick Road."



A promotional picture for "The wizard of Oz: past the Yellow Brick Road," showing off the anime layout re-imagining that the the magician of Oz for this game.



The magician of Oz: past the Yellow Brick Road begins an in similar way to the movie, yet with anime-style graphics. ~ being swept away from her house in Kansas by a tornado, Dorothy find herself in the magical civilization of Oz. Dorothy, together with the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man, whom she meets along her journey, have to travel along the yellow brick roadway to with the Wizard's castle, wherein the magician will grant each their many wanted wish. This is whereby the similarity come the plot of original version of The magician of Oz ends. Throughout your journey, Dorothy and also her travel companions gain new abilities by conference the elemental spirits and by beating the dragon masters.

Once you with Oz's Castle, the wizard will certainly instruct you to take trip to different locations of Oz to discover magical egg so the he deserve to take the power away indigenous the four "evil" witches. When you retrieve the egg in one area and also clear the stage, friend will be able to proceed to the next stage. Each area to represent a different season and also you need to fight the equivalent witch in ~ the finish of the last phase in every season. Every “season” area is composed of three stages, with the exemption of Winter. Without spoiling the game, there is still more to perform to beat the video game after retrieving all ten eggs.



The sorcerer’s of Oz: past the Yellow Brick roadway is played completely by making use of the Nintendo DS’s touch screen using a stylus. The player move Dorothy by utilizing a track ball shown on the screen. Battle commands are also controlled via the touch screen.

Each character has a different affinity, which way that they space each stronger versus certain types of enemies. Dorothy is strong against ghost-type enemies. Tin guy is strongest versus plant-type enemies. Scarecrow can quickly defeat water-type enemies. Shell-type adversaries don’t was standing a chance against Lion. The affinities carry out seem a little bit random, and also many of the monsters deserve to be beat with simply one attack. Over there are fairly a few interesting opponents to battle along your journey.

The wizard of Oz: beyond the Yellow Brick roadway features a distinctive combat system. Every of the four party characters can attack based on one allotment of four slots every turn. Dorothy and Scarecrow each use one slot, when Lion provides two, and also Tin guy uses three. Since of this, tin Man deserve to only ever be offered once every turn and also can never be provided in the very same round as Lion. Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Lion can be offered multiple times every round, as long as the complete allotment does no exceed four. Characters who room not supplied in a specific round are safe from damage, allowing the player to strategically protect a specific character or characters.

Throughout the game, you will return to Oz’s castle regularly to conserve the game, questioning to be healed, and also buy and sell items. After every season area is completed, you will be able to purchase new equipment because that each character, including weapons and armor. You can likewise acquire brand-new equipment indigenous treasure chests transparent the game.

The wizard of Oz: beyond the Yellow Brick Road is a reasonably short RPG, which should take about 20-23 hrs to complete.



The wizard of Oz: beyond the Yellow Brick Road has actually received combined reviews from video game critics. It right now has a rating the 69.45% ~ above and also 68/100 ~ above Mark Bozon that IGN offered The magician of Oz: beyond the Yellow Brick Road a rating that 8/10. Bozon commented: "It's an excellent for younger (or casual) players, and also it's also a haven for awesome RPG's – rarely is that both at when though...The sorcerer’s of Oz is all about compromise, due to the fact that the game is literally the end to satisfy two very different crowds, it's straightforward enough because that newcomers if still being deep enough for open-minded hardcore football player too." He likewise praised the sole use the the Nintendo DS's touch screen function and the use of the trackball running/walking tool (calling it "catchy").

The magician of Oz: beyond the Yellow Brick Road has gained some criticism for the plot gift radically various from the story they flourished up with. Some fans express disappointment over this video game not carefully following the plot of the original novel and also movie.

A screenshot mirroring the Cat Hood adversary from "The sorcerer’s of Oz: past the Yellow Brick Road."


My Takeaway

The wizard of Oz: beyond the Yellow Brick Road is insanely easy, but it's still really fun and addictive. I highly recommend this game to gamers of any age or ability level. While this game could not be specifically challenging, you will still have actually fun playing and will want to continue playing until you win the game. It is available to younger or inexperienced players, however still offers exciting gameplay and also an exciting story for an ext experienced RPG fans.

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I very recommend this video game to pan of various other RPG collection like Dragon Quest and Earthbound, and to pan of the Wizard that Oz. Even Wizard that Oz pan with small gaming endure will uncover this game enjoyable.