The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt"s Matter of Life and Death quest affects the state of the world. Here"s what you need to know.

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There are a few quests in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that are of vital importance, even if they are only side quests and not part of the main quest log. Ensuring you know what you"re getting yourself into beforehand will help you check all the boxes for completion and prevent you from missing things that you can"t access later down the line. Additionally, the choices you make in particular quests can influence the outcome of the war and what happens to the state of the world. "A Matter of Life and Death" is one of these quests.

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It begins with Geralt helping Triss Merigold with a favor. Lady Ingrid Vegelbud of the wealthy Vegelbud family is offering to help Triss with getting the persecuted mages out of Novigrad, but she must meet with a servant first. Geralt will offer to help Triss find the servant and protect her from harm. From here, the quest leads to a masquerade ball at the Vegelbud Residence, complete with some political shifts and a bit of violence toward the end. Here are all the things you need to know about this quest, so you can ensure you"ve completed every important part of it.

Once you initiate certain parts of "A Matter of Life and Death", some other side quests will not be accessible, notably some involving Triss. Quests like "the Soldier Statuette", "the Nobleman Statuette", and "Redania"s Most Wanted" will be temporarily locked, meaning you won"t be able to complete them while this one is active. You"ll have to finish the current quest before attempting to complete these.

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Following this quest, and some more that happen immediately after, it may be a while before you get a chance to do these side quests with Triss, as she will leave Novigrad and you won"t see her for a while. If you don"t want uncompleted quests sitting in your log, it"s advisable to complete them before starting "A Matter of Life and Death", so you don"t have to wait until much, much later in the game. Once you"ve completed them, initiate this quest to keep that quest log clear.

The Witcher 3 has several Gwent cards that you can completely miss without realizing it, meaning you"ll never complete your collection, and fail the "Collect "Em All" quest. If you"re a huge Gwent aficionado (or just want to complete your collection and the attached quest), this is heartbreaking if you accidentally miss some and don"t realize until it"s too late, so you should study up on the missable ones sooner, rather than later.

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"A Matter of Life and Death" contains some of these missable cards, including the Dandelion card. Once you enter the first door of the Vegelbud Residence, turn right. You"ll see some people playing Gwent at a table. You can challenge them by talking to the Croupier. There are three players to defeat, and once you do, you"ll be given the Dandelion card. They aren"t very difficult challenges, especially if you"ve already built up a bit of a deck throughout the game. Challenge them, take your victory card, and continue on with helping Triss.

Throughout the duration of The Witcher 3, there are a few dialogue choices that will influence your chances to romance either Yennefer or Triss. If you"re looking to romance Triss, you"ll need to be aware of a few moments in the game"s story where you must react a certain way. Flirt with her here and you can determine whether she will give Geralt a chance later on, or leave him in the dust.

During this quest, you"ll need to choose certain dialogue options with Triss or you"ll risk your chances. There will a quick-time dialogue option to kiss Triss or hold off. If you"re looking to win her heart, you"ll have to act fast and kiss her. Make sure to beg her to stay in the following "Now or Never" quest or tell her you love her, and there will be sparks flying before you know it.

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When you first arrive at the Vegelbud Residence, some guards at the door will ask you to turn over your weapons for the safety of the party guests inside. From playing the game up until this point, you might get a little uncomfortable or nervous, because you know that the Witcher 3 is always full of people trying to kill you.

But, you should know that you need not worry. You won"t need your steel, and you"ll get them back quickly at the end. The only fight you must participate in is with some brawling witch hunters, but your fists will do just fine. Take them out with Geralt"s overpowered punching, and make sure to block their hits to avoid taking damage. Your swords will be given back to you soon enough.

In case you"ve played through the Witcher 3 and haven"t noticed, there"s a huge war going on between Nilfgaard and Redania. This much is pretty obvious, but you may not know that many of the decisions you make throughout the game will influence how the war ends. If you"re gunning for a certain side to win the war, many decisions you make will push the victory to one side or the other.

How you follow up "A Matter of Life and Death" can influence this ending. This quest, and helping Triss with the mages" escape, will lead to the quest "Now or Never". From there, you"ll be posed with the decision to help or ignore Triss in her fight to get the mages out of Novigrad. If you ignore her and don"t help, it can influence Redania winning the war. Choose wisely.