The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt"s issue of Life and Death quest affects the state the the world. Here"s what you must know.

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There are a couple of quests in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that space of vital importance, also if they are only side quests and not part of the main quest log. Ensuring you recognize what you"re obtaining yourself into beforehand will assist you examine all the boxes because that completion and prevent girlfriend from lacking things that you can"t accessibility later down the line. Additionally, the options you do in particular quests have the right to influence the result of the war and what happens to the state of the world. "A issue of Life and Death" is one of these quests.

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It begins with Geralt helping Triss Merigold with a favor. Lady Ingrid Vegelbud that the affluent Vegelbud family members is offering to help Triss with acquiring the persecuted mages the end of Novigrad, but she must fulfill with a maid first. Geralt will market to assist Triss find the servant and protect she from harm. From here, the quest leads to a masquerade sphere at the Vegelbud Residence, finish with part political shifts and also a little bit of violence towards the end. Below are every the things you have to know around this quest, for this reason you deserve to ensure you"ve perfect every important part of it.

when you initiate specific parts that "A matter of Life and also Death", some various other side searches will no be accessible, notably some involving Triss. Quests favor "the Soldier Statuette", "the Nobleman Statuette", and "Redania"s many Wanted" will certainly be in the interim locked, definition you won"t be able to complete them while this one is active. You"ll have to complete the existing quest prior to attempting to complete these.

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adhering to this quest, and some more that happen instantly after, it might be a while prior to you gain a chance to perform these side pursuits with Triss, together she will leave Novigrad and also you won"t view her because that a while. If friend don"t want uncompleted pursuits sitting in your log, it"s advisable to finish them before beginning "A issue of Life and Death", so you don"t have to wait until much, much later in the game. As soon as you"ve completed them, start this pursuit to save that pursuit log clear.

The Witcher 3 has several Gwent cards that you can completely miss without realizing it, meaning you"ll never complete your collection, and also fail the "Collect "Em All" quest. If you"re a large Gwent aficionado (or simply want to finish your collection and the attached quest), this is heartbreaking if you accidentally miss out on some and also don"t realize until it"s as well late, so you should study up on the missable ones sooner, rather than later.

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"A matter of Life and Death" has some of these missable cards, consisting of the Dandelion card. Once you go into the first door the the Vegelbud Residence, revolve right. You"ll check out some human being playing Gwent in ~ a table. You can difficulty them by talking to the Croupier. There are three players to defeat, and also once girlfriend do, you"ll be offered the Dandelion card. Castle aren"t very difficult challenges, particularly if you"ve already accumulated a bit of a deck throughout the game. Difficulty them, take your win card, and also continue on through helping Triss.

transparent the expression of The Witcher 3, there space a few dialogue selections that will influence your possibilities to romance either Yennefer or Triss. If you"re looking to romance Triss, you"ll have to be conscious of a few moments in the game"s story wherein you need to react a specific way. Flirt v her here and also you can determine whether she will give Geralt a chance later on on, or leaving him in the dust.

throughout this quest, you"ll must choose certain dialogue options with Triss or you"ll threat your chances. There will certainly a quick-time dialogue alternative to kiss Triss or organize off. If you"re spring to victory her heart, you"ll have to act fast and also kiss her. Make sure to beg she to remain in the adhering to "Now or Never" quest or tell she you love her, and also there will be sparks flying prior to you know it.

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when you first arrive in ~ the Vegelbud Residence, part guards at the door will certainly ask you to revolve over your weapons for the safety and security of the party guest inside. From playing the game up till this point, you could get a tiny uncomfortable or nervous, because you understand that the Witcher 3 is always full of world trying to death you.

But, you should recognize that you require not worry. Girlfriend won"t need your steel, and you"ll get them ago quickly at the end. The just fight you must participate in is with some brawling witch hunters, however your fists will certainly do simply fine. Take them out through Geralt"s overpowered punching, and also make sure to block your hits to avoid taking damage. Your swords will be given earlier to you soon enough.

In case you"ve played with the Witcher 3 and also haven"t noticed, there"s a vast war walking on between Nilfgaard and also Redania. This much is pretty obvious, but you may not know that plenty of of the decisions you make throughout the game will influence exactly how the war ends. If you"re gunning for a specific side to success the war, plenty of decisions you do will push the success to one next or the other.

exactly how you monitor up "A matter of Life and Death" have the right to influence this ending. This quest, and helping Triss v the mages" escape, will cause the pursuit "Now or Never". From there, you"ll be posed through the decision to aid or ignore Triss in her fight to obtain the mages the end of Novigrad. If you disregard her and also don"t help, it deserve to influence Redania win the war. Pick wisely.