Windows uses a memory-management method known as SuperFetch to screen which applications friend use most frequently and then preloads them into your mechanism memory. Exactly B the is component of the ram management designed to enhance performance by enabling often-accessed data come be check out from the rapid RAM.

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Part A <10 points> create a course named case that to represent a small bookbag/handbag form object. It should contain: fields to r

class situation //Case class

String owner_name,color; //members to store information name and also color

Case(String name,String color) //constrictor with two parameters

this.owner_name = name; //members initialization

this.color = color;

public wire getName() //to get name

return owner_name;

public cable getColor() //to get color

return color;

public wire toString()//override wire method

return "Case Owner: " + owner_name + ", " + "Color: "+ color;

class key //test class

public static void main(String args<>)

String na,color;

Case c = brand-new Case("Joy","Green"); //create circumstances of class instance and set constructor parameters

na = c.getName();

color = c.getColor();

System.out.println(c);//print statement tp print instance of a class

System.out.println(c.toString()); //print through override toString


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2- (20 points) a) write a routine segment the computes 1 2 3 ... (n - 1) n , whereby n is a data value that is entered by the use
pickupchik <31>

total = 0

n = int(input("Enter a number: "))

for ns in range(1, n+1):

full += i

if (n * (n + 1) / 2) == total:

print("Values are the same")


print("Values room different")


I believe the series you wrote should be 1+2+3 ... +(n-1)+n.

The amount of the natural numbers up to n have the right to be calculated together n(n+1)/2.

The password is written in Python.

Initialize a variable total to organize the total

Ask the user for input, n

Create a for loop that iterates native 1 to n

Add every the number in the variety to the total

When the loop is done, examine if the complete is equal to offered formula. If they space equal, print same.Otherwise, print different

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Which of the adhering to identifies the most ideal courses to take it in high institution for who interested in becoming a mecha
lora16 <44> brand-new questions in Health

Which member the the multidisciplinary team would assist a patient enhance his flexibility in the joints after ~ a knee-replacement surgery? A. A physiot…

What room two benefits of a multidisciplinary team approach? much better diagnosis in facility cases mutual responsibility because that decisions much more opportunit…

MARKING human being AS BRAINLIST PLEASEEE assist Where is the carbon dioxide choose up and the oxygen unloaded in the body? A:Arteries B:Veins C:Capillar…

Which healthcare expert would be generally responsible for treating a patient because that his tension disorder after a surgery? A. A nurse B. A nutr…

Do Now: What could be a situation where it can be vital to identify 3 point out somebody? What are various strategies the scientists might use …


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If the maximum variety of projectile is x. Present that the maximum elevation reached through the same projectile is x/4.
sergejj <24>


Given that,

The maximum variety of a projectile is x.

Maximum selection occurs once the angle of estimate is 45°. Utilizing formula for maximum range.


According to the question,


Maximum height,


From equation (1).


Hence, this is the required solution.

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Jackson is teaching a course the ide of the binary number system. I beg your pardon term will certainly he use to describe the leftmost little bit of a bi
Fofino <41>
Most far-ranging digit. That"s the exact same that it"s referred to as for any number system.
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