80+ Whimsical DIY Charlie and also the cacao Factory Costumes

This collection comes under to one overarching debate: room you a stickler for the original Charlie and also the cacao Factory movie, or room you a pan of Johnny Depp’s more recent version?

Either way, the eccentric characters emerge from these pages together realistic as they to be in the movies. Take it on the an obstacle of becoming Willy Wonka himself. Or discover how to develop a blown up Violet.

Most popular in this ar are absolutely the Oompa Loompas. Due to their appeal v both the young and old, castle come in all shapes and sizes. It’s difficult to withstand smiling at these images. Even harder to withstand is transforming into one because that Halloween. Get inspired by these cool instructions and also design your own!

So bite into a Wonka bar, fall into a chocolate river and feel favor you’ve winner a gold Ticket with these whimsical homemade costumes.

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My son loves movies and wanted to be Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp). I used crushed velvet for the coat, inside wall it through satin. I have never make a cloak before, or sewn through stretchy velvet, for this reason needless to say over there were numerous stitches ripped out. I made the jacket, the vest, the undershirt and the … read more


When friend love everything about Willy Wonka & the coco Factory, friend just have actually to discover a means to to express a costume or two at some suggest in her life because that Halloween, especially a standout costume together the huge blueberry costume! So once I obtained this battery operated blue Airblown suit for dust cheap in ~ a … review more


My child asked for a Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder version) costume this year and I wasn’t happy through anything ns found, for this reason I started brainstorming. I scoured Goodwill because that pieces and searched the cloth store for perfect materials. Here’s exactly how I placed it every together. Coat – I discovered this at Goodwill, in women’s dimension … check out more

My boy proclaimed the he wanted a Willy Wonka costume (the brand-new version) after gift on a Wonka movie-watching kick. Ns gathered bits and pieces for his costume, and put together a close replica. I regulated to find a females coat in ~ a thrift save that fit the look. Us did bespeak the hat, glasses, and … read more

To start with, together the title suggests, i am the the very least crafty man there is. Ns checked plenty of websites, consisting of this one, and took principles from anywhere the web to do this costume. Clearly, I’m a researching kind of guy. I in reality learned a lot from making this costume and it yes, really was a … read more

Hi my name is Wandy and also my mother and also I want to develop something various for Halloween. Our neighbor sent out us a link to various costumes. There to be so numerous to pick from. I favored the idea that a homemade Oompa Loompa costume for my son. My son is 1 year old. I asked my mom … read more

My girl friend Faith and also I were thinking of a good costume to it is in this Halloween. The previous two years we’ve excellent pretty creative pair costumes (Annie and Daddy Warbucks one year and Life of Pi the other, one of us the tiger, the various other dressed as Pi), for this reason this year we knew we had actually to … read more

My kid Finley has actually awesome stunner curly hair, and the funnest most loving personality. One day while that was play around, i looked in ~ him and also I assumed he looked as with Gene Wilder. For this reason of food he had actually to be Willy Wonka because that Halloween! I discovered a white height hat, spray painted the brown, ns … review more

We went together oompa loompas because we room so short. We occupational at a community college that organized a trick or treat night for the community grade college kids. Our cheat or act night was held by both university staff and students. Kids got to walk with an insane asylum and go with a haunted … check out more

My name is Sarah. I am 25 year old and have to be 4’11” tall since fifth grade. Needless come say, I’ve heard all the short jokes in the book. Ns loved many of them, but I wanted to recreate the Oompa Loompa because that was most common. I discovered the socks and shirt and that … read more

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This is mine daughter she is five years old and also I do this costume Violet native Willy Wonka for our campground halloween party which to be September 27 ,2014. Ns made it making use of a yoga ball paper mache fabric and a red velvet table cloth and also gold bottom . All together seeing as I had actually the … check out more

I love the initial Willy Wonka movie and constantly wanted to be an Oompa Loompa for Halloween. The hardest part of the costume to be the challenge paint. I had actually the brown shoes currently in mine closet, and the white capri pants. I purchased brown soccer socks and also a turtleneck corresponding the very same shade … check out more