Marriage boot Camp: i know good Hop execution is ago for season 17 with five brand-new celebrity couples.

The couples’ relationships are hanging on by a thread. Through the assist of Dr. Ish significant along with previous Divorce Court arbitrator judge Lynn Toler, the couples hopefully deserve to resolve few of their issues.

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During the an initial episode of the brand-new season (Thursday, July 2nd), several of the couples did no aggressively argue or fight through each various other immediately. However, there were some who did such together Willie and also Shanda.

The couple did no wait a second before letting the people know how they really feel around each other. As shortly as they arrived to the marriage boot camp residence Shanda criticize Willie for not instantly helping her the end of their car! So, why are Willie and also Shanda on marriage Boot Camp: hip Hop Edition? What has gone not correct in their relationship?


Screen Shot: Willie and also Shanda with children on marital relationship Boot Camp –We TV, season 17 episode 1

Who space Willie and also Shanda?

Willie Taylor is a singer and songwriter recognized for gift the lead vocalist of the music group Day26. Day26 lasted native 2007 come 2012. He has also written songs because that Jagged Edge and Ginuwine.

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Willie has actually been married come his wife Shanda Denyce because that 12 years. The couple have three children together.

When Shanda to be younger she was in an all-girl R&B group called X’clusive. As soon as motherhood came along, Shanda had to placed her job to the side. Once Willie additionally had financial struggles, Shanda took up stripping to carry out for the family.

The couple have formerly starred on Love & i know good Hop, wherein their connection was as turbulent and fiery together ever.

Willie and Shanda on marital relationship Boot Camp

Willie has actually cheated top top Shanda much more than once. In an answer to his infidelity, and to get back at him, Shanda cheated top top Willie with someone that knew.

During the first episode of marriage Boot Camp season 17, Willie expressed the he doesn’t like the means Shanda talks to him. He debated how he’d fairly be with other human being than at home with Shanda.

Shanda hinted that if nothing transforms they’ll need to do something that neither of them really desire to do. It’s easy to assume the she is implying about getting a divorce. Willie stated that over there is a many disrespect emerging in the relationship.

However, Shanda comment to his comment through stating, “How execute you intend to gain respected as soon as you store cheating.” the did not respond to her comment. Shanda expressed that the factor they are at the boots camp is all since of Willie.

Are Willie and Shanda still together?


From the looks of both Willie and Shanda’s Instagrams, they are still in a couple. They even seem happy, having welcomed another child into their resides on June 4th, 2020.

Willie and also Shanda have actually just had an additional daughter called Willoh Marie Taylor.

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