Here"s a fast walkthrough and also strategy overview for the "Wild West" step in the activity and arcade defense game - tree vs. Zombie 2: It"s about Time!. Follow and quickly deploy the suggested plant formation below to help you defend against the zombie hordes (not the only method though, simply treat this together a guide).Wild West step will introduce Cowboy zombies, "Tracks", and also movable "Mine Carts". Move the Mine Carts upwards or downwards to strike or protect multiple rows!

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More advice to Remember! - PlayPirate Seas quick Walkthrough and also Strategy Guide very first before this guide! - Cherry Bomb: finest placed on the 2nd, third or fourth row for more comprehensive range. - Iceberg Lettuce: Disables Prospector zombie, yet ineffective when an ext than one. - Spilt Pea: great vs. Prospector zombies. - Chili Bean: great vs. Tough zombies, stuns and damages them. - Lightning Reed: can hit targets one lane above or below that chains to many targets. An excellent vs. Chicken Wrangler zombies! - Tall-Nut: Sturdier 보다 Wall-Nuts but with higher Sun requirement. - Pea Pod: note that you have the right to stack approximately 5 Pea pods on 1 Pea Pod. - Melon-Pult: Sun need is high however hits a 3x3 square area every attack. -Winter Melon: girlfriend won"t need them much this time. - tree Food: When used on some plants put on mine carts, you have the right to move the mine cart to strike multiple rows! - If girlfriend are having actually difficulty, you may use power Ups or purchase PFs if you like.How to tree Guide: - | Sunflower | Peashooter | Peashooter | wall | - This means: tree Sunflowers in the 1st column from the left, Peashooters in the second and third columns, climate Wall-Nuts in the 4th column.

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Please Note: fancy Plants below are put on Mine Carts on that very same column.

Wild West - day 1

- |Peashooter, Peashooter| Peashooter |Peashooter, Peashooter| - tree Food: None, the purpose right here is to practice dragging the mine carts to defeat difficult zombies.

Wild West - job 2

- |Sun | Split,Split|Dragon,Dragon| wall surface | - tree Food:Split Pea or Snapdragon vs. Tough and also Prospector zombies. - Cherry Bomb: Vs. Tough and also Prospector zombies.

Wild West - job 3

- |Sun,Repeater| Sun,Repeater|Dragon| wall surface | - tree Food: Dragon or Repeater vs. Tough and Prospector zombies. - Cherry Bomb: Vs. Pianist zombies.

Wild West - work 4 (Mini Game)

- use the "View" option below the "Pause" icon to see the zombies. Take keep in mind which lanes zombies will certainly come from, and also what type are there. - Peashooter: ar it on those short tracks, then change with Repeaters later. -Split Pea: ar it top top those 2 long tracks, an excellent vs. Prospector zombies. - Threepeater: location it top top the first and 3rd column (on land, not on mine carts!). - at the last wave, loss the Buckethead zombie to obtain a PF, then usage it on her Repeater or break-up Pea to defeat the Pianist zombie.

Wild West - work 5

- | Bonk Choy | pair Sun| Dragon|Dragon| wall surface | Spikeweed | - tree Food:Wall-Nuts or any kind of - always remember, use 1 pair Sunflower then place 2 Snapdragons in ~ the 2nd and fourth row. Execute this starting method every time you have actually Twin Sunflower and also Snapdragon. - Cherry Bomb and also Chili Bean: Vs. Challenging zombies.

Wild West - job 6


- plant Food: Coconut Cannon vs. Pianist and also Poncho zombies. - Coconut Cannon: focus on hitting Pianist and also Poncho zombies. Loss those Poncho zombies prior to they disclose their protective metal grates (easier since you deserve to 1 hit kill them).

Wild West - job 7

- | Twin sunlight | Pea Pod |Dragon| wall surface | Spikeweed | - plant Food:Pea Pod, keep in mind that you deserve to move the to attack multiple targets. Use it top top Snapdragon too when mobbed. - Cherry Bomb or Chili Bean: Vs. Tough zombies.

Wild West - work 8 (Mini game - Gargantuar and also World Key!)


- | separation Pea | Pea Pod |Pea Pod|Pea Pod| wall surface | Pea Pod or separation Pea | - plant Food: save your PFs for your Pea Pods, vs. Gargantuars. Complete or not, the result of PF on Pea ford is the same. - Pea Pods: stack 5 Pea pods each then move them to strike tough zombies. - Chili Bean: Vs. Pianist, Poncho, or Buckethead zombies. - location your extra Pea Pod or separation Pea ~ above the sixth column just for disruption.

Wild West - job 9 (Survive with provided Plants!)

- | Winter Melon | sun | separation Pea | Lightning, Lightning | wall | no one | no one | - tree Food: Winter Melon or Lightning Reed - Lightning Reed: use the tracks to move or evade while attacking zombies.

Wild West - work 10

- | Lightning,Lightning|Sun | Dragon |Dragon| wall surface | - tree Food: any type of - Cherry Bomb or Chili Bean: Vs. Buckethead or Pianist zombies.

Wild West - work 11 (Spend No an ext Than 500 Sun!)


- tree Food: save 2 PFs because that Snapdragon because that the final wave. - Potato Mine: You have to use 2 mines to defeat the 1st 2 Conehead zombies! - Iceberg Lettuce: The sluggish time is short but it"s free!

Wild West - work 12 (Mini Game)

- use the "View" option listed below the "Pause" symbol to watch the zombies. - readjust the formation then deploy the brand-new plant, repeat. - Boomerang: plant them top top mine carts only! - Lightning Reed: ar them ~ above land only (1st 3 columns), not on mine carts! - focus at the very least 3 attackers ~ above Buckethead zombie then relocate to the lesser ones.

Wild West - work 13

- | Melon |Melon| Twin sun | break-up Pea | Dragon | wall | - tree Food: any type of - Reminder: Just constantly start with 1 twin Sunflower climate 2 Snapdragons. - Melon-Pults: relocate to assault tough zombies.

Wild West - day 14

- | Twin sun | Melon | Dragon, Dragon | Dragon,Dragon| wall | - tree Food: Melon-Pult or any type of - Cherry Bomb: Pianist or any type of tough zombies.

Wild West - job 15 (Don"t Lose an ext Than 2 Plants!)

- | pair Sun,Melon|None,Melon|Dragon (2 only!) | wall | - tree Food: Snapdragon or Melon-Pult vs. Difficult zombies. - do not use immediate plants, or border to 1 or 2 only. - Melon-Pult: move to attack tough zombies, particularly Pianist zombies.

Wild West - work 16 (Protect the Plants!)

- | nobody | Twin sun | break-up Pea | Dragon | wall surface | no one | wall | - plant Food: Wall-Nut placed on Mine Cart, climate Any. - After setting up her 2 Snapdragons, quickly build your Wall-Nuts vs. Conehead zombies and to defend your Snapdragons. - Cherry Bomb and also Chili Bean: Vs. Poncho zombies. - move the Wall-Nut placed on Mine dare to evade zombies, permit them all pass. - If you have finish Walls , just plant another Wall-Nut on top of your damaged Wall-Nut to renew them!

Wild West - day 17 (Protect the Flowers!)

- | Twin sun |Melon|None | none | Dragon | wall | Spikeweed | - plant Food: Melon-Pult or Snapdragon vs. Hard zombies. - After setting up your 2 Snapdragons, quickly construct your Wall-Nuts. - Spikeweed: move in former of Zombie Bulls to stop the driver to fly through your Snapdragons, a nice permanent attacker too! - Cherry Bomb and also Chili Bean: Vs. Tough zombies at the last wave.

Wild West - day 18 (Plan your Defense!)

- just follow the formation listed below then just watch it spins the end.

- plant Food:Just the 2 Wall-Nuts placed on the fifth column. - girlfriend should have 50 Sun and 1 PF left.

Wild West - work 19 (Don"t Lose much more Than 2 Plants!, spend 2,000 sunlight Only!)

- | none | separation Pea | no one | Snapdragon | Tall-Nut | - plant Food: Snapdragons vs. Poncho zombies with protective steel grate. - after ~ 2 Snapdragons, finish Tall-Nuts then finish Snapdragons. - split Pea: complete last or place in situation a Prospector zombie shows up early.

Wild West - day 20 (Mini Game)

- To reduced this short, just simply to buy Plant foods (1,000 Coins each), then use them! Tap ~ above the eco-friendly "+" symbol to buy, you have lots of Coins by now anyway, right? - tree Food: Wall-Nut, and/or any type of Pea-type plant, relocate to attack multiple rows! - Wall-Nut: place it o the fifth column, relocate it in former of Chicken Wrangler zombie to block the chickens. - Potato Mine: place it o the sixth column vs. Buckethead zombies. - Chili Bean: place it o the sixth column vs. Conehead zombies.

Wild West - day 21 (Spend No much more Than 1,750 Sun, defend the Flowers)

- | nobody | Potato Mine | Potato Mine | none | Dragon (2 only!) | Tall-Nut | - plant Food: any type of - after ~ 2 Snapdragons, set up Tall-Nuts to protect them. - Chili bean or Potato Mine: tree them early mine carts, vs. Prospectors. - Cherry Bomb and also Chili Bean: Vs. Prospectors at last wave, let them fly first. - Iceberg Lettuce: have the right to turn turn off Prospector"s dynamite, however still optional though.

Wild West - job 22 (Survive with provided Plants!)

- |Melon| Sun, Repeater | Sun,Repeater|Bloom | Iceberg | no one | Potato Mine | - tree Food: Repeater vs. Poncho zombies with protective steel grate or chickens! - Quickly construct up your Sunflowers, Repeaters, and Bloomerangs. - Iceberg Lettuce: To assist halt the chickens! - Potato Mines: Vs. Tough zombies.

Wild West - job 23 (Protect the Flowers!, Don"t Lose much more Than 1 Plant!)

- | Twin sun | none | None, none | None,None| Dragon | Tall-Nut | - tree Food: Snapdragons vs. Pianist and also Buckethead zombies. - location 2 Snapdragons choose usual, then complete your Tall-Nuts. - The formation over is an ext than enough for this stage.

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Wild West - work 24 (Protect the Plants!)

- | Twin sunlight | Lightning | Dragon| Dragon | Tall-Nut | wall |Wall|Wall| - tree Food: every 3 Wall-Nuts - place 2 Snapdragons in the 4th column choose usual, then collection up her Tall-Nuts to protect your Snapdragons. - Note: when the 1st Chicken Wrangler zombie appears, begin placing at the very least 1 or 2 Lightning Reeds come zap the chickens. Block them with your Talls and Walls if needed. - relocate the 3 Wall-Nuts to dodge zombies, just let castle pass. - Cherry Bomb and Chili Bean: usage it just for the final wave. - Renew wall surfaces or Talls if necessary.

Wild West- day 25 (Mini game - Dr. Zomboss)

- Lightning Reed or any | Peapod| any kind of | Peapod| any type of |Any | Tall-Nut and Chili bean | none | nobody | -Plant Food: Lightning Reed, specifically when Dr. Zomboss is alone for a quite damage! - Peapod: ridge 5 Peapods ~ above the 2nd column-mine dare first, then on the 4th column. Relocate it to avoid adversary attacks, and to strike Dr. Zomboss or Gargantuars. If you have extra Peapods, place or stack them anywhere. - Tip: You have actually lots of plants below to deploy, so ar them fast to do massive damages!Plants vs. Zombie 2: far Future - go here: far Future rapid Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Plants vs. Zombie 2: It"s about Time
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