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which of the following best describes floodplains? area where flood irrigation of crops is used, such as a rice paddyB. An area the is incidentally flooded when farming or mining operations adjust the course of rivers area the is regularly flooded since humans have altered the landscape D.a an ar of soil that has been deliberately, permanently flooded due to human disturbance, such as in dam building E.a region of land the is regularly flooded as soon as a flow overflows
The fish in the lake at the neighborhood park room dying. A professor indigenous the neighborhood college involves investigate, and first she measures the liquified oxygen. She wants to check the ________. A.aquatic biodiversity B.presence of hefty metals C.presence of bacteria D.influence of mountain precipitation E.possibility that eutrophication
Only about 2.5% of all the water ~ above our earth is freshwater. However, ________. A.most the this is in large, freshwater lakes B.most of this is in secret aquifers C.over half of this is in wetlands close to coastlines and also is coming to be contaminated v salt water D.most of this is much from where people live E.over half of this is very hard water and also is nearly unusable because that drinking or farming
human beings use freshwater primarily for ________. A.mining and industrial procedures B.agricultural irrigation C.washing and also home use D.electrical manufacturing E.drinking and also cooking
We build dams come ________.A.improve habitat for native fishB. Drainpipe wetlands for urban developmentC. Manage the spread of water borne diseasesD. Create electricity, protect against flooding and carry out irrigationE. Transform watersheds right into farms, towns and also recreational areas
Dam removed in this country ________.A. Gives many new jobs and also opportunities and also so is economically beneficialB.will assist with our shift to much more natural develops of renewable energyC.will probably increase rapidly together we move to a an ext fossil-fuel-dependent controversial due to the fact that dams administer such good habitats for aboriginal speciesE.will probably continue due to the fact that the ecological impacts the dams room reviewed periodically
Why was the watering of Soviet noodle farming work a problem?A.There to be governmental the opposite that limited water access, killing crops.B.It was, because that the many part, no a problem.C.It drained the Aral Sea and also increased the salt contents of soils.D.It angered local resort communities, which did not desire farming in the region.E.Irrigation water came from rivers feeding right into one the the biggest lakes on Earth and also resulted in major contamination of that source.
Sinkholes an outcome from ________.A.flood damage and chemical erosionB.overconsumption of water from aquifers weakening the substrateC.substrates that come to be weak adhering to rainD.poorly drilled wells in soft soilsE.building on floodplains
which of the complying with is one of the significant pollutants the groundwater?A.home garbageB.acid rainC.fertilizers from agricultural fieldsD.carbon dioxideE.treated sewage from urban
together of 2010, the saga the the Colorado River"s water source allocation is being facility by ________.A.rapid growth of vegetable ranches in southerly ArizonaB.large number of people moving the end of NevadaC.sinkhole collapses in Arizona and southern CaliforniaD.saltwater intrusion into the Colorado estuary near San DiegoE.several year of drought coupled with the rapid development of las Vegas
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