Because they have a full outer electron shell they are quite happy staying on their own rather than bonding to other elements, this is why they are also known as inert gases.

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The is: PlasticPlastic is the result of the addition polymerization of poly(alkenes). Thus plastic is a synthetic organic material.Hope it helped!

Usually it is the CuSO4 that is the limiting reagent. if all of the color of the solution was gone, but there was still some zinc metal mixed in with the copper metal produced, then Zn is the excess reagent f all of the color of the solution was not gone, but there was no zinc metal left in with the blue copper solution , then Zn is the limiting reagent Hope this helps.

Gold will have more mass


Mass = volume×density

mass of silver = 5×10.5= 52.5

mass of gold = 5×19.3 = 96.5

Gold has more mass

Under identical conditions, separate samples of O2 and an unknown gas were allowed to effuse through identical membranes simulta

The molar mass of unknown gas is 145.82 g/mol.


Volume of oxygen gas effused under time t = 8.24 mL

Effusion rate of oxygen gas =


Molar mass of oxygen gas = 32 g/mol

Volume of unknown gas effused under time t = 3.86 mL

Effusion rate of unknown gas =


Molar mass of unknown gas = M

Graham"s Law states that the rate of effusion or diffusion of gas is inversely proportional to the square root of the molar mass of the gas. The equation given by this law follows the equation:





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Apple Juice is made up of Apple extract, sugar, water and other minerals. What type of Mixture would Apple Juice would be classi