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Urbanization was a key part of the momentous revolution of the United says in the late nineteenth century. Cities ended up being much larger as industrialization acquired momentum and an ext Americans relocated from landscape to metropolitan areas. In addition, countless immigrants were getting here in America, and they congregated in city neighborhoods....

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Urbanization to be a key part of the momentous revolution of the United claims in the late nineteenth century. Cities became much larger as industrialization got momentum and much more Americans moved from countryside to city areas. In addition, hundreds of immigrants were getting here in America, and also they congregated in city neighborhoods. The flow of for this reason many world into progressively crowded cities caused a demand for a range of city services. These myriad services contained police protection, schools, sewers, and also garbage collection. Maker politics emerged because there to be a must organize the new municipalities and carry out these badly essential services.

Loyalty was an essential to machine politics, and also loyalty to be rewarded. Political machines were based upon one party"s full control of the levers the power. Key supporters of city bosses were regularly given jobs. No surprisingly, device politics ended up being closely connected with corruption. However, corruption was not simply an urban difficulty in the United says at this time: it additionally existed top top the national level.

The most well known political maker of the era to be Tammany hall of new York. Operation by wilhelm "Boss" Tweed, this unscrupulous machine bribed judges, purchase votes, and also embezzled funds. Tweed was imprisoned, however he escaped in 1875. One year later, that was captured by Spanish police and also extradited come the united States.

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Although the late nineteenth century was the golden e of political machines, they did no die out completely. Chicago, because that example, go not have one until the twenty century. Chicago"s political maker reached its janice under market Richard Daley.