We saw the set of time drama Frequency and also grilled the cast on your Nightingale killer theories...

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Peyton perform on the Nightingale killer…

Star Peyton perform (Raimy Sullivan) claims she doesn’t understand who the Nightingale killer is, but she’s “really interested to see who it lastly pans out to be because changed so much, however this one thing has actually stayed the same.”

At the end of this week’s episode, a photograph of the Nightingale killer the he or she soaked up 1996 turned increase in 2016 in the posession of one of the murder victims. Does this readjust how Raimy and also the remainder of the police room engages through the case? list teased:

It does change things rather a bit because it sort of takes her anonymity the end of it. When you’re the one chasing them, all of a sudden, ns think what that states is: ‘I recognize you’re after me and also I know who girlfriend are and also I simply flipped the mirror around.’ and I think that’s unnerving because they’re hardly ever in that position. So they don’t know how much he to know or what he means by something, yet he definitely meant miscellaneous by leaving it. The was kind of a turoulend act, so i think that, because that Raimy, is a little unnerving. She likes to it is in in control and also she likes to have actually a plan and that sort of traction the rug the end from under her.


Riley smith on the Nightingale killer…

Riley smith (Frank Sullivan) said of the mystery of the Nightingale killer:

We’re type of guessing right now with anyone else. It’s funny; my mom always calls, like, accurate every day, she’s choose ‘Jackie at the grocery save is just dying to know who the Nightingale is!’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know.’ i really don’t. And also honestly, through the means the writers write, I could make ten guesses and also I most likely wouldn’t it is in right. Lock probably have actually something yes, really clever up their sleeves. I’m simply gonna follow my leads together Frank gets ’em.

Smith walk tease more about just how Raimy and also Frank’s understanding of the Nightingale killer would change in the next few episodes, saying: “We’re beginning to realize that somehow he’s always a step ahead that us, and so that’s at least permitting us come realize that and shot to figure out just how that is.”

— Kayti Burt (
kaytiburt) November 1, 2016

The inquiry of exactly how the killer to know so lot will begin to become an ext of a focus. Is he someone listening into Raimy and Frank’s conversations? blacksmith said:

That was one thought I had! us don’t know. We don’t know why he’s actions ahead of us yet. That might be one explanation. There could be a most them. But somehow, he seems to always be right ahead that us.

Will Frank’s suspicions turn to the people about him? Smith said “definitely,” adding:

It’s coming to be too apparent that things are gaining tipped off. Also the dynamic between Satch and also Stan, there’s going to be some tie-ins between that dynamic, Frank, Stan, Satch, and why Satch might be sort of in the center of part stuff, too. Us don’t recognize what that is or why, yet Frank kinda nearly loses his ally in a sense.


Mekhi Phifer top top the Nightingale killer…

Unlike the rest of the cast, Mekhi Phifer (Satch) says he is “pretty certain who Nightingale is.” This is based on his own personal theories rather than within information. The actor included of his Nightingale hunch: “With these scripts and this story, you never know. It might go so numerous different ways.” 

Is there any chance the Nightingale killer can be Satch himself? after ~ all, Satch is in both timelines and is close enough to both Raimy and also Frank the he would be able to predict their next steps. Phifer said:

That would certainly be interesting. That would absolutely be interesting; he’d it is in a hell that a sociopath come befriend Frank and also his family and his daughter and also Frank’s wife, Julie, the way he does. He would have to be a hell the a sociopath. It might be interesting. I don’t think they’re going that way. Yet it can be interesting.

Takeaway: It might be interesting.

Phifer likewise gave understanding into the distinction in exactly how Satch feels about the Nightingale in 1996 vs. Just how he feels around the Nightingale in 2016, saying:

As far as Satch feels about the Nightingale, it’s entirely different in 2016, since he’s been consumed by the Nightingale. In the 2016 reality, he’s killed already 22 women. Wrapped them in rosary beads and all that stuff. This instance has impacted his life from the time he was simply a level detective in ’96 to 2016. He has a most feelings that will come out around this Nightingale guy. Why he’s therefore passionate about catching this guy and also having this task pressure be a useful producer.


Anthony Ruivivar ~ above the Nightingale killer…

Anthony Ruivivar theatre the ethically ambiguous Captain Stan Moreno who, for this reason far, has been collection up together a little of a silver paper to candid Sullivan’s character. However, his personality seems favor a red herring when it comes to the Nightingale killer, no? Here’s what Ruivivar had actually to say about Stan’s relationship with the Nightingale case:

Stan was never on the Nightingale task force. Stan is drugs. For this reason Stan runs the undercover wing the Frank to be a part of in 1996. And also then in the timeline wherein Frank survived, he it s okay pulled turn off of undercover medicine enforcement and chooses to enter the Nightingale job force. For this reason Stan in 1996 has nothing to execute with the Nightingale. Stan in 2016 has actually a enlarge scope. He’s climbed in the ranks so that does weigh in top top the Nightingale.

Ruivivar claims the identification of the Nightingale killer is “still a mystery” because that him, something the is no fond of together an actor as it subverts the possibility for the actor play the killer to add depth come his or her at an early stage performances.


Devin Kelley on the Nightingale killer…

Devin Kelley’s Julie Sullivan has more to worry around than most when it pertains to the Nightingale killer as she is intended next victim. Go Kelley have any type of theories around who the baddie can be?

I feel favor my theories change week to week. Because that a while ns was convinced it was Satch, he’s simply too much of a an excellent guy — he’s a good dude, there’s obtained to be some skeletons in the closet — maybe my own. However I don’t think it’s going down that path. Stan was as well easy, he’s already sketchy, he has actually other stuff going on. He’s as well busy being weird in other ways… ns don’t recognize man, I’m at a loss.

Unlike Ruivivar, Kelley claims she likes being retained in the dark v the secret (though, notably, she is in a different position as it is almost impossible the her personality is the killer). Kelley said:

The secret’s more fun, ns think. It’s prefer a kid searching for Christmas presents, that never ends well, you never feel an excellent after that. It’s quite to obtain the script, though, and know the our writers are so awesome and Jeremy and the showrunners space so great that I have the right to never predict those going come happen, and every mainly it’s like, ‘Oh, that’s whereby they take it it, okay…’ They keep us on our toes.


Daniel Bonjour on the Nightingale killer…

Daniel Bonjor, who plays Raimy’s almost-fiance from another timeline Daniel, claimed that the entire cast gets into the speculation, phone call each various other after they gain the latest manuscript to compare reactions and theories.

It’s choose a serial type of publication that we acquire to read and also then act that out. That is. It’s a the majority of fun to obtain the brand-new scripts. Us just obtained 11 and also … after 10, we were all like, ‘Oh, mine god, I require to understand what happens.’ It’s a most fun.


Lenny Jacobson ~ above the Nightingale killer…

The character that is maybe the most removed from the drama that the Nightingale killer is Raimy’s ideal friend and next door neighborhood Gordo, play by Lenny Jacobson. Even so, Jacobsen stated that Gordo does have a feeling of the killer (after all, his finest friend’s mom was his or her victim), but that he trusts Raimy to be able to protect herself. Rather, Gordon is much more concerned about how much Raimy will press herself to uncover her mom’s killer, saying:

When you have this Nightingale who is to personal to her through her mother’s abduction and murder, i think Gordo can worry more about she being okay through the truth they’re trying come track down someone very an individual and what she can do or journey herself to carry out to uncover this human being … And then perhaps I’m the one who records him, i don’t know. That would be cool, though.

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Agreed. Everyone the Nightingale killer is, can we please have actually Gordo record him or her? Thanks, Frequency.

Who carry out you think the Nightingale killer is ~ above Frequency? Share your theories in the comment below…