When we hear the word "sociopath", we associate it with potential serial killers and all kinds of criminals. Well, it"s not that morbid. it"s only a disorder that can be managed over time. Anyhow, it"s still better to get to know what you"re dealing with.

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The term itself describes a person who has an antisocial personality disorder, abbreviating as ASPD. People with this hideous condition simply lack mirror neurons, causing an inability to understand others’ feelings. They are more prone to make impulsive decisions and ultimately break rules without ever feeling guilty for the harm they cause. 

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6 sociopath Zodiac signs

Astrology can guess people if they have ASPD or not, close to accuracy. It predicts which signs have the potential to use mind games to control their naive friends, family members, co-workers, and even strangers. Sometimes, they are just perceived as charismatic or charming.

But here, we reveal their true self! Read on the list of these six possible Zodiac signs who may hold no remorse. 

1. Leo  The confident evil-doer

People under this sign feel that they are better than others and think, they will never be caught anyway. This notion pushes their limits and makes them lose the sense of questioning if they"re right or wrong. 

2. Sagittarius  The ignited souls

This Zodiac is a full-fledged freedom lover. They let themselves go to the verge of doing anything they want. Even the darkest deeds, without ever getting suspected. Stealth at best!

3. Aries –​​​​​​​ The arrogant one

It"s a known fact that arrogance and sociopathy can literally fall into one swoop. Aries are actively destructive while being driven by their ego. No surprise, they have an evil streak.

4. Taurus –​​​​​​​ The extremist 

Intensity is the way of life for a Taurus. Carrying it in everything they do, they also get too extreme while striving to maintain their survival. You dare not ever offend them!

5. Scorpio –​​​​​​​ The born-sadist 

This sign is the natural predator among all Zodiacs. They will hunt and subdue their prey, without ever feeling the pain they inflict. Even the greatest feat of evil will only give them a dull satisfaction. That"s a Scorpio scale of sociopathy!

6. Libra –​​​​​​​ The balancer went insane

Funny thing about their so-called Libran scales is that mostly, they are just completely unbalanced. Libra fights to keep them in place and on the way, lose their sanity. They find the only way for justice is to silence their kindness and numb themselves towards people"s pain. A crazy strategy, indeed!

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How to deal with a sociopath?

The healthiest way to deal with a manipulator is probably to distance yourself from them. Other means to guard yourself within a family setting is to seek counseling. It promotes the ASPD sufferer to recognize their own and your feelings.

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Do you know any of these Zodiac displaying the signs of no remorse? Share this and don"t forget to be safe out there!

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