Maturity date
The day when a bond will repaid.

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Face valueThe dollar amount the the bondholder will obtain at the bond's maturity
DebentureA bond that is backed only by the call of the issuing corporation quite than through its particular assets.
Mortgage bondA bond the is donate by heritage of the corporation.
Subordinated debentureAn unsecured link that gives bondholders a claim to interest payments and assets the the corporation just after all various other bondholders have actually been paid.
Convertible bondA bond the an investor deserve to trade because that shares of the corporation's typical stock.
Call featureAllows a corporation come buy ago bonds from bondholders before the maturity date.
Bond indentureA legal record that details all of the problems pertaining to a specific bond issue.
Sinking fundA fund to which a corporation renders deposits because that the objective of paying back a link issue.
Serial bondsBonds issued at the very same time that mature on different dates.
Registered bondA shortcut registered in the owner's name by the company that concerns the bond.
Registered coupon bondA bond that is registered in the owner's surname for the confront value only and also not for interest.
Bearer bondA bond the is not registered in the investor's name.
Zero-coupon bondA shortcut that gives no interest payments and also is redeemed for its confront value in ~ maturity.
Municipal bondA security issued through a state or local federal government to pay for its recurring activities.
General responsibility bondA bond that is donate by the complete faith and credit of the government that issued it.
Revenue bondA bond that is repaid native the income generated by the job it is designed come finance.
Investment-grade bondsBonds that room issued by financially stable service providers or municipalities.
YieldThe rate of return, usually proclaimed as a percentage, deserve by an investor that holds a bond for a certain duration of time.
Close-end fundMutual fund with a fixed number of shares that space issued by one investment agency when the fund is an initial organized.
Open-end fundA mutual money with an unlimited number of shares that space issued and also redeemed by one investment firm at the investors' request.
Net asset worth (NAV)The amount one re-superstructure of mutual money is worth.
Load fundA mutual money in which you salary a board of directors every time you acquisition shares.
No-load fundA mutual money in i m sorry the separation, personal, instance investor payment no commission.
12b-1 feeFee the an investment firm charges to aid pay because that marketing and also advertising a mutual fund.
ProspectusA report that offers potential investor with thorough information around a certain mutual fund.
Family fundsVariety of common funds managed by one investment company.
Income dividendsThe earnings a fund pays come shareholders.
Capital get distributionsPayments made to shareholders that an outcome from the sale of securities in the fund's portfolio.

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Capital gainProfit you make from marketing your share in a mutual fund for a higher price 보다 you paid because that them.