The secretions that the adrenal medulla action to supplement the results of _________.

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A. Parasympthetic innervation

B. Forgiveness stimulation

C. Vagus nerve activity

D. Neurosecretory building material

Which of the adhering to does not explain the ANS?

A. A mechanism of engine neurons that innervates smooth and also cardiac muscle and also glands

B. A device of motor neurons that innervates all muscle cells

C. Involuntary nervous system

D. Somatic nervous system

Preparing the body for the "fight or flight" response is the function of the _______.

A. Sympathetic concerned system

B. Cerebrum

C. Parasympathetic nervous system

D. Somatic concerned system

The somatic and also autonomic nervous equipment differ in every one of the following except __________.

A. Their effectors

B. Your efferent pathways

C. To some level in target responses to your neurotransmitters

D. Every one of the transmitters

Where would you not discover a cholinergeric nicotonic receptor?

A. Every parasympathetic target organs

B. All postganglionic neurons

C. Adrenal medulla hormone creating cells

D. Skeleton muscle motor end plates

The parasympathetic ganglion that serves the eye is the __________.

A. Ciliary ganglion

B. Pterygopalatine ganglion

C. Submandibular ganglion

D. Otic ganglion

Cardiovascular effects of the sympathetic department include all except ______.

A. Constriction of most blood vessels

B. Dilation the the vessels serving the skeletal muscle

C. Increase of heart and force

D. Dilation the the blood vessels serving the skin and also digestive viscera

Over 90% of every parasympathetic fibers are obtained from cranial nerve number ________.

A. V


C. X


The "resting and also digesting" division of the autonomic nervous mechanism is the __________.

A. Parasympathetic division

B. Sorry division

C. Somatic department

D. Peripheral concerned system

Control that temperature. Endocrine activity, and thirst are functions connected with the _______.

A. Medulla

B. Cerebellum

C. Hypothalamus

D. Thlamus

Which of these effectors is not directly managed by the autonomic nervous system?

A. Smooth muscle

B. Cardiac muscle

C. Skeleton muscle

D. Many glands

Which the the complying with is no a result of parasympathetic stimulation?

A. Salivation

B. Dilation of the pupils

C. Increased peristalsis that the the the cradle viscera

D. Elimination of urine

Which of the complying with statements is not true?

A. Sympathetic origin is craniosacral; parasympathetic is thoracolumbar

B. Forgiveness ganglia are within a few centimeters that the CNS; parasympathetic space close to visceral organs served

C. Sympathetic division has brief preganglionic and long postganglionic fibers; parasympathetic has long preganglionic and also short postganglionic fibers

D. Sorry has comprehensive branching of preganglionic fibers; parasympathetic has actually minimal branching that preganglionic yarn

sympathetic origin is craniosacral; parasympathetic is thoracolumbar

Sympathetic responses usually are widespread since _______.

A. Inactivation the ACh is fairly slow

B. NE and also epinephrine space secreted into the blood as component of the sympathetic response

C. Preganglionic fibers room short

D. Preganglionic fibers are lone

NE and also epinephrine is secreted right into the blood as component of the forgiveness response

Sympathetic nerves might leave the spinal cord at which vertebra?

A. Second cervical

B. 3rd lumbar

C. An initial coccyx

D. An initial thoracic

first thoracic

Autonomic ganglia contain _______.

A. An outer connective tissue capsule around the cell bodies the preganglionic engine neurons

B. Synapses between postganglionic fibers and also their effectors

C. The cabinet bodies of engine neurons

D. Both somatic afferent and also efferent neurons

the cell bodies of motor neurons

The parasympathetic yarn of the ______ nerves innervate smooth muscles of the eye that cause the lenses to bulge to accomodate nearby vision.

A. Optic

B. Oculomotor

C. Trochlear

D. Abducens


Fibers that enter and also leave the forgiveness chain there is no synapsing indigenous structures dubbed _________.

A. White rami communicantes

B. Gray rami communicantes

C. Spinal nerves

D. Splanchnic nerves

splanchnic nerves

Which that the complying with is not a plexus that the vagus nerve?

A. Cardiac

B. Pulmonary

C. Celiac

D. Esophageal


Visceral reflex arcs differ from somatic in the ______.

A. Visceral arcs contain 2 sensory neurons

B. Somatic arcs save one extr component the visceral arcs perform not possess

C. Visceral arcs involve 2 motor neurons

D. Visceral arcs carry out not use integration centers

visceral arcs involve two motor neurons

The parasympathetic tone ______.

A. Stays clear of unnecessary heart deceleration

B. Accelerats activity of the digestive tract

C. Identify normal task of the urinary tract

D. Causes blood press to rise

determines normal activity of the urinary tract

Once a forgiveness preganglionic axon get a stems ganglion, it deserve to do all but which one of the following?

A. Synapse v a parasympathetic neuron in the same trunk ganglion

B. Synapse with a ganglionic neuron in the exact same trunk ganglion

C. Ascend or descend the trunk to synapse in another trunk ganglion

D. Pass through the trunk ganglion there is no synapsing with another neuron

synapse with a parasympathetic neuron in the exact same trunk ganglion

Which that the following appears to exert the most straight influence over autonomic function?

A. Hypothalamus

B. Midbrain

C. Reticular formation

D. Medulla oblongata

reticular formation

Beta-blockers ______.

A. Increase a dangerously short heart rate

B. Decrease love rate and blood pressure

C. Have widespread sorry effects

D. Room potent antidepressants

decrease love rate and blood pressure

Erection that the dick or clitoris _____.

A. Is generally under forgiveness control

B. Is primariyl under parasympathetic control

C. Is the an outcome of coordinated activation by both sympathetic and also parasympathetic input

D. Relies very small on autonomic activation

is primarily under parasympathetic control

Which is a unique sympathetic function?

A. Regulation that pupil size

B. Regulation that cradiac rate

C. Regulation of respiratory rate

D. Regulation of human body temperature

regulation of human body temperature

Raynaud"s an illness ________.

A. Is characterized by exaggerated vasconstriction in the extremities

B. Is induced by warm stress

C. Occurs primarily in association v injury to the spinal cord

D. Is frequently life threatening

is characterized by exaggeration vasconstriction in the extremities

Autonomic dyserflexia ______.

A. Is also known a autonomic areflexia

B. Involves uncontrolled activation of autonomic neurons

C. Usually precedes spinal shock

D. Results from overexcitatory input native the cortex

involves untreated activation that autonomic neurons

Which sorry fibers type a splanchnic nerve?

A. Those the synapse through parasympathetic fibers

B. Those the synapse in the same trunk ganglia

C. Those the synapse with somatic fibers

D. Those that ass through the trunk ganglion to synapse in collateral or prevertebral ganglia

those that pass v the trunk ganglion come synapse in collateral or prevertebral ganglia

Which the the adhering to adrenergic neurotransmitter receptors plays the major role in heart activity?

A. Beta 1

B. Beta 2

C. Beta 3

D. Alpha 1

beta 1

Where would you not find an autonomic ganglion?

A. In the head

B. In the cervical region

C. Close come the vesceral effectors castle serve

D. In the armpit

in the armpit

Sympathetic department stimulation causes ______.

A. Decreased blood glucose, increased GI peristalsis, and also increased heart rate and also blood pressure

B. Enhanced blood glucose, increased GI peristalsis, and also decreased heart rate and also blood pressure

C. Enhanced blood glucose, reduced GI peristalsis, and increased love rate and also blood pressure

D. Decreased blood glucose, enhanced GI persitalsis, and decreased heart rate and blood push

increased blood glucose, decreased GI peristalsis, and also increased heart rate and also blood pressure

The smooth muscle the the digestive viscera is served mostly by the ___________.

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A. Lumbar splanchnic nerves

B. Cephalic plexus

C. Pelvic nerves

D. Tenth cranial nerve

tenth cranial nerve

The route of significant parasympathetic outflow indigenous the head is via the ____________.

A. Sorry trunk

B. Phrenic nerve

C. Vagus nerve

D. Sacral nerve

vagus nerve

Parasympathetic functions incorporate _________.

A. A stimulation of love rate and force of contraction

B. Permitting the body to cope v an exterior threat

C. Lens accommodation for close vision

D. Mobilizing storage power sources

lens accommodation because that close vision

Emotions affect autonomic reactions generally through integration in the __________.

A. Lateral horn the the spinal cord

B. Hypothalamus

C. Lateral geniculate the the thalamus

D. Inferior colliculus