The reader says the features of the respiratory system and relates the structural company of the mechanism to the functions.

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Describes the exchange of oxygen and also carbon dioxide v the atmosphere and also relates gas exchange come the metabolism of the organization of the body.Defines the duty of the respiratory mechanism in acid-base balance.Lists the nonrespiratory features of the lungs.Defines and also describes the alveolar-capillary unit, the site of gas exchange in the lungs.Describes the carry of gas with the conducting airways to and from the alveoli.Describes the structural qualities of the airways.Lists the contents of the chest wall surface and relates the attributes of the muscle of respiration come the motion of air into and also out the the alveoli.Describes the main nervous device initiation of breathing and also the innervation that the respiratory muscles.


The main functions of the respiratory system are to obtain oxygen from the exterior environment and also supply it come the cells and to eliminate from the body the carbon dioxide produced by moving metabolism.

The respiratory system is written of the lungs, the conducting airways, the parts of the main nervous system came to with the regulate of the muscle of respiration, and also the chest wall. The chest wall surface consists that the muscles of respiration—such as the diaphragm, the intercostal muscles, and the abdominal muscle muscles—and the rib cage.


The functions of the respiratory tract system encompass gas exchange, acid-base balance, phonation, pulmonary defense and also metabolism, and the taking care of of bioactive materials.

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Oxygen indigenous the ambient wait is exchanged for carbon dioxide developed by the cell of the human body in the alveoli of the lungs. New air, containing oxygen, is motivated into the lungs through the conducting airways. The pressures causing the air to circulation are generated by the respiratory muscles, exhilaration on regulates initiated by the main nervous system. At the same time, venous blood return from the miscellaneous body tissues is pumped into the lung by the right ventricle the the heart. This combined venous blood has actually a high carbon dioxide content and also a low oxygen content. In the pulmonary capillaries, carbon dioxide is exchanged because that oxygen indigenous the alveoli. The blood leaving the lungs, i beg your pardon now has actually a high oxygen content and also a fairly low carbon dioxide content, is spread to the tissues of the body by the left next of the heart. During expiration, gas v a high concentration that carbon dioxide is expelled indigenous the body. A schematic diagram of the gas exchange duty of the respiratory device is shown in number 1–1.