When you go to pick strawberries, you are easily able to separate the ripe red berries from the green foliage, the white blossoms and the green, still-forming berries. This has led to the suggestion that _____.​
Nora adapts to a yellow stimulus for about 30 seconds. She will then see an afterimage that appears to be _____.​
Ikya looks at a white surface under sunlight conditions and she perceives it to be white. When she looks at the white surface under a tungsten light, it looks _____ to her.​
The case of “Mr. I,” described in the beginning of the chapter, supports the idea that color is processed in _____.​
The physiology of the cone receptors and the discovery of opponent cells in the retina and LGN show that both theories are correct.

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​different, with the incandescent light bulb distribution having much higher amounts of energy at long wavelengths
In order to distinguish between wavelengths independent of light intensity, one must have at least _____visual pigment(s).
Mark enters a supermarket that is lit by red lights. After fifteen minutes he enters the produce section and finds some red apples to purchase. Mark is able to see these apples as red because he has undergo
According to researcher Dorthea Jameson, “A blue bird would not be mistaken for a goldfinch if it were brought indoors.” This supports the concept of _____.
The principle of _____ helps explain why a person with only one visual pigment can see all wavelengths as the same color (i.e., shade of gray) if light intensity is adjusted appropriately.​
Color matching experiments show that if a person with full color vision is given at least ____ wavelengths to mix together, the person can match any single wavelength.

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​little firing from the S receptor, a moderate firing from the M receptor, and large firing from the L receptor
lightness constancy will occur as long as the ratio of light reflected from a white surface and a black surface remain constant​
​Participants perceive a 620-nm pattern as being “redder” if that pattern has the shape of a stop sign rather than a mushroom shape.
Dr. Lanzilotti wants to create a stimulus that will produce an afterimage of a red heart shape against a white background. He should make the heart _____ and the background _____.​








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