According come developmental psychologists, nature advert to:an individual"s environmental individual"s social individual"s biological individual"s emotionally characteristics.

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If kids cannot master the concept of conservation, they are unable to:make judgments based upon gut feelings. Think intuitively. Identify that the amount of a substance stays the very same despite changes in its shape. Stand for their human being with words, images, and drawings.
A(n) _____ assesses the exact same participants lot of times over a an extensive period.cross-sectional study longitudinal study accelerated study unobtrusive research
Which the the following best defines teratogen? the is any agent that causes a bear defect. That is a drug that improves the development of a fetus. The is any chemical that consists of an alcohol group. The is a term offered to explain all microbe that reason fatal diseases.
Assimilation permits the human being to enjoy a feeling of meaning, because: it modifies current ways the thinking. New experiences create brand-new schemas. Experience fit into his or her preexisting schemas. It renders sense that life"s previously incomprehensible events.
At the preconventional level that Kohlberg"s step of moral development, people decide right and also wrong based on: society"s laws. A sense of duty. Individual moral principles. Punishments or rewards.
Which of the adhering to is a difference between older and younger adults?: Younger adults are usually wiser than older adults. Enlarge adults process information much faster than younger adults. Enlarge adults tend to no do as well as younger adult in most aspects of memory. Younger adults commonly take longer than older adult to remember information about world knowledge.
The capacity to multiply two numbers together falls under _____ development. Physical cognitive socio-emotional personality
Jason is functioning on a trouble for his science class and also is systematically going end every possible outcome. Jason is in the _____ stage of cognitive development. Sensorimotor formal operational concrete to work preoperational
The documentary title "56 Up" is a an excellent example of a _____________ examine in development. Cross-sectional correlational hereditary longitudinal
If 20-year-old Peter is unsure that what he have to do v his life and also where he fits in, Erikson would most most likely agree that Peter did not successfully complete the phase of: intimacy matches isolation. Generativity versus stagnation. Autonomy versus shame and also doubt. Identification versus identification confusion.

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_____ is the specialization of role in one hemisphere the the mind or the other. Bicameralism Selective optimization Lateralization Ambidexterity
The _____ an approach in researching infant perception involves searching because that a reliable preference for one stimulus end another. Habituation preferential looking thing permanence non-differential perception
Infant attachments is characterized as the close emotionally bond in between an child and: other infants. Strangers. That is caregivers. That is environment.