"Kenya invests in stocks, bonds, and common funds" is the one among the adhering to selections given in the question that these investment plans finest reflects diversification. The correct option among all the alternatives that are given in the question is the second choice or alternative "B". I hope it helps you.

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There are 85 Helena"s client own stocks, bonds and also shared funds.

Step-by-step explanation:

Due to the fact that we have given that

Let A: that very own stocks

B : that very own bonds

C : who very own mutual fund

So, According to question,

n(A) = 288

n(B) = 200

n(C) = 184

n(A∩B) = 123

n(B∩C) = 106

n( A∩C) = 102

n(A∪B∪C) = 426

As we recognize the formula :


Hence, tbelow are 85 Helena"s client very own stocks, bonds and also shared funds.

"A stock is a straight ownership in a business, and a bond is a loan." "Mutual funds are a means for investors to pool their money together in order to boost purchasing power and also to lower execution prices."This was taken straight from http://www.abacusplanningteam.comClick on the attach to learn more.

1. Bonds are investment tools that are basically loans to a company, a municipality, or the federal government through the expectation that the loan will certainly be phelp back at a collection day later. Like all loans, bonds come through an interest component, which can involve periodic payments over the life of the bond or a solitary payment at maturity.2. Mutual Funds are a way for a team of investors to pool their money so they have the right to invest in a broader range of stocks and also bonds. The group of investors creates a “mutual” investment team and also hires a expert fund manager. This manager provides decisions about exactly how to invest the money based upon the objectives of the group. In a shared money, the value of your shares goes up and also dvery own as the worth of the stocks and bonds in the fund increase and also loss.3. Stocks: Selling shares of stock is a widespread method corporations use to raise funding for points such as growth and enhancements, without borrowing huge quantities of money. When you own stock, you actually own part of the company, and also the worth of your shares goes up and down as the company"s viewed sector value fluctuates. Stocks are basically certificates of equity and compared to a lot of various other types of investments, are thought about riskier, but tend to have actually the biggest potential for irreversible gains.

You would require a C.) Brokerage account.

The thinking for this is that you can use a brokerage account to straight purchase stocks.

Answer from: ashiteru123

The answer is brokerage account


Answer from: memoryofdale

The correct answer is letter "B": the purchase of brand-new funding.


In macrobusiness economics, an investment is a funding that has actually been acquired with the intention that it will create income or interemainder over time. Popular investments incorporate stocks, bonds, actual estate, mutual funds and also, to a lesser level, commodities, annuities, and also options.

Many type of investments profession on the open market eincredibly day. Global events and also agency outcomes will certainly reason the price of the investment to rise or fall.

The correct answer is Since the interns are attempting to result transactions, they must be registered. Tbelow is no requirement that an agent of a broker-dealer have actually a college level. If they are correctly registered, any kind of employees of a broker-dealer may solicit securities transactions


Brokers or brokers need to perform a proficiency test and show asset solvency to register in the comobjectives or securities superintendence of each country, and thus be able to bring out their task. They have the right to also delegate their attributes to agents, however the obligation is constantly the responsibility of the agent. In basic, they have a bachelor"s degree in among the fields of economic sciences: audit, administration, economics, actuarial scientific researches or finance. In the situation of brokers in the develop of a legal entity, they need to be under the supervision of a manage body.

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The correct answer to this question is Kenya invests in stocks, bonds, and also mutual funds. i just took the test and also got 100% on it.

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