We’re gift asked to identify which amongst the offered statements explain the sports in solubility for methane, ethane, and also ethylene.

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Let’s take it a watch at every statement:

a. There are distinctions in molecular size and also shape and also thus in the stamin of dispersion forces.

• as viewed from the structure of methane, ethane, and ethylene are only composed of C and H, hence they are hydrocarbons

hydrocarbons space nonpolar → they can only exhibit London-Dispersion ForcesLondon-Dispersion Forcesaffected by structure, arrangement of atom or shape, size, molecular weight

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Here space the framework for methane, ethane, and ethylene. I m sorry of the following define the variations in solubility because that methane, ethane, and ethylene?

Check all the apply.

a. There are distinctions in molecule size and shape and also thus in the strength of dispersion forces.

b. There are differences in bonding (σ or π) in between atoms in ~ the molecules.

c. There are distinctions in the molecule dipoles of the molecules.

d. There is increased hydrogen bonding with an increasing number of hydrogen atoms.

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