Which best describes wilhelm Lloyd Garrison?He to be a formerly enslaved human being who came to be a speaker.He to be born into a slaveholding family and also later ended up being a Quaker.He was among the leader of the Second great Awakening.He to be the founder of the abolitionist newspaper the Liberator.

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In the 1800s, both "old" and also "new" immigrants to the unified States faced discrimination because ofa decline in economic growth.worries around overpopulation.high us unemployment levels.differences in society and language.
Labor union tried to get better working problems for workers bypromising to work much longer hours.setting up an apprentice system.negotiating v employers.promising come train workers.
The Plessy v. Ferguson ruling stated thatsegregation was unconstitutional.the Fourteenth Amendment was unconstitutional.segregation was important to preserve public peace.the Separate car Act to be unconstitutional.
Which statement best describes why countless Southerners sustained the Kansas-Nebraska Act?It expanded the Missouri compromise to those areas.It allowed enslaved employees to construct the brand-new railroad.It enabled the areas to get in the Union as servant states.It listed Southerners the very first opportunity to work out the land.
Which best explains the reason for including citations in an much information essay?Citations aid the writer focus on his or her topic.Citations make sure an essay is opinionated.Citations help a writer protect against charges the plagiarism.Citations make certain a resource can be uncovered online.
Congress disapproved of chairman Johnson"s effort to fire Secretary of war Henry Winter Davis.Benjamin Wade.Robert E. Lee.Edwin Stanton.
Who was responsible because that bringing the very first American settlers right into Texas?Sam HoustonStephen AustinDavy CrockettMirabeau Lamar
What to be one benefit of making use of steam-powered locomotives in the 1800s?Locomotives were only offered to move cargo.Locomotives to be only provided to transfer passengers.Locomotives relied on readily easily accessible horse power.Locomotives might carry an ext goods 보다 carriages.
Under Lincoln"s setup for Reconstruction, what percent of a state"s population had to swear one oath of loyalty to the Union for the state to it is in readmitted?5 percent10 percent25 percent50 percent
Which statement best explains why American trappers go west in the 1800s?The trappers want to learn more about beavers and how to capture them.The trappers want to uncover a brand-new source of pet fur for selling.The trappers essential to find fur to make warm apparel for themselves.The trappers wanted to come to be farmers to take advantage of fertile lands.
Which finest describes tasks performed through enslaved field workers in the 1800s?clearing land, taking treatment of livestock, functioning as driversplanting crops, harvest crops, taking care of childrenrepairing buildings, cooking and cleaning, functioning as blacksmithscooking and also cleaning, planting crops, farming vegetable gardens
Which book illustrated by man James Audubon contained paintings of types in their organic habitat?Birds of north AmericaLeaves of GrassThe last of the MohicansWalden
An instance of a push variable would beeducational opportunities.job opportunities.religious persecution.religious freedom.
Why did southerly states are afraid Missouri"s entry into the Union as a cost-free state?They wanted to keep their majority in the House.They protest equal depiction in the Senate.They were on the verge of getting a majority in the House.They did not want complimentary states to have a bulk in the Senate.
Farmers and ranchers in the West directly affected the activity of the wild game that American Indians hunted byforming treaties v American Indians.trading manufactured items for furs.building fences top top the open up range.mining the land for gold and silver.
What did chairman Lincoln threat if he chose to resupply fort Sumter?abandonment of the ft by Union soldiersabandonment the the fort by Confederate soldiersthe illustration of giving in come the Confederacyarmed dispute with the southerly soldiers
Why did Congress happen the Civil legal rights Act of 1866?to enfranchise previous Confederates who had actually lost their voting rightsto rundown the rights granted to all Americans, both men and womento summary the civil liberties granted to all masculine citizens of the united Statesto support the black Codes, which granted civil liberties to african Americans
Which statement best describes the results of the 1860 presidential election?Lincoln winner the renowned vote.Douglas winner the electoral vote.Lincoln won an ext than 50 percent the the electoral vote.Douglas lost an ext than 50 percent that the famous vote.
After gaining regulate of Texas, the United claims planned to take regulate ofMexico.California.Oregon.Canada.
Jim Crow legislations were a legalized mechanism of discrimination against African Americans.integration of facilities in the South.segregation of education facilities.separation of the North and also South.

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Population growth in the West in the so late 1850s make a new trail necessary. I beg your pardon trail to be a repercussion of the growth?the Santa Fe Trailthe Butterfield-Overland Trailthe Mormon Trailthe California Trail
The i of i beg your pardon of the complying with increased sectional tensions in the 1850s?the Missouri Compromisethe mexican Cessionthe Fugitive servant Actthe Wilmot Proviso
What is the main reason why the American publicly turned against monopolies?The price of goods rose as earnings decreased.The price of items rose as salaries increased.People resented the riches of huge business owners.People were concerned around smaller businesses
How walk Populists want the government to handle money in the so late 1800s?Populists wanted the government to make unlimited file money.Populists want the government to make unlimited silver coins.Populists wanted the federal government to save the gold standard.Populists wanted the government to border the quantity of file money.

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