Definition noun extremely condensed, strictly packed form of chromatin, as opposed to the lightly packed euchromatin heterochromatic adjective Of, in connection with to, linked with heterochromatin Supplement dyed is made up of DNA, protein, and RNA. There room two forms of chromatins in the interphase nucleus: euchromatin and also heterochromatin. Cytologically, heterochromatin stains much more intensely than euchromatin. This shows the tighter pack in heterochromatin than euchromatin. Heterochromatin undergoes relatively little change in the degree of condensation together it passes through the cabinet cycle. One more distinctive attribute of heterochromatin is having actually a higher RNA content than euchromatin. Heterochromatin is the strict packed form of chromatin often discovered at the periphery of the nucleus. The is explained to be gene inactive. Because it is tightly packed and also inaccessible to polymerases, that is no transcribed. There are different heterochromatin varieties, such as constitutive heterochromatin and also facultative heterochromatin. The main structural ingredient of heterochromatin is the genetically inactive satellite DNA sequences. They room arrays that tandemly repeating, non-coding DNA. Centromeres and also telomeres are examples of heterochromatic regions of chromosomes. The Barr body, i beg your pardon is the inactive X chromosome in a woman somatic cell, is additionally heterochromatic. Compare:

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