1. Elvis had a twin.

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On January 8, 1935, Elvis Aron (later order Aaron) Presley to be born in ~ his parents’ two-room house in eastern Tupelo, Mississippi, about 35 minutes after his similar twin brother, Jesse Garon, who was stillborn. The following day, Jesse was hidden in an there was no sign grave in nearby Priceville Cemetery.

Elvis, who spoke of his pair throughout his life, thrived up an just child in a bad family. His father, Vernon, worked a series of strange jobs, and in 1938 was sentenced to 3 years in jail for forging a $4 check (he spent less than a year behind bars). In 1948, the Presleys relocated from Tupelo to Memphis in search of far better opportunities. There, Elvis to visit Humes High School, wherein he fail a music class and was thought about quiet and also an outsider. He i graduated in 1953, becoming the very first member that his immediate household to earn a high school diploma. After ~ graduation, he worked at a machinist shop and drove a truck prior to launching his music career v the July 1954 recording of “That’s all Right.”

2. Elvis bought Graceland once he was 22.In 1957, Elvis shelled out $102,500 because that Graceland, the Memphis mansion that served as his house base for 2 decades. Positioned on almost 14 acres, the was developed in 1939 through Dr. Thomas Moore and his mam Ruth on soil that as soon as was part of a 500-acre farm dubbed Graceland in respect of the initial owner’s daughter, Grace, that was Ruth Moore’s great-aunt. The Moores’ white-columned home additionally came to be recognized as Graceland, and also when Elvis to buy the ar he retained the name.

The entertainer made a number of updates come the home over the years, consisting of the addition of music-themed iron enntrance gate gates, a “jungle room” through an indoor waterfall and also a racquetball building. After finding the end President lyndon Johnson delighted in watching all three network news programs simultaneously, Elvis was influenced to have actually a wall of integrated TVs set up in his home. In 1982, 5 years after ~ Elvis was discovered dead in a bathroom at Graceland, his ex-wife Priscilla Presley opened up the legacy to the general public for tours. Some 600,000 fans currently flock there each year. Elvis’ just child, Lisa Marie Presley, inherited Graceland when she turned 25 in 1993 and also continues to run it today.

In 2006, George W. Bush came to be the an initial sitting U.S. President to visit Graceland, as soon as he travel there through Japanese prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, a die-hard Elvis fan.


3. Elvis’ controversial manager, Colonel Tom Parker, to be a previous carnival barker.

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Born Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk in the Netherlands in 1909, Elvis’s future manager immigrated illegal to America together a young man, where he changed himself together Tom Parker and also claimed to it is in from West Virginia (his true origins weren’t known publicly until the 1980s). He operated as a pitchman because that traveling carnivals, adhered to by stints as dog catcher and also pet cemetery founder, amongst other occupations, then controlled the careers the several nation music singers. In 1948, Parker finagled the honorary location of colonel indigenous the governor of Louisiana and henceforth insisted on being described as the Colonel.

After learning about the up-and-coming Elvis in 1955, Parker negotiated the revenue of the singer’s contract v tiny Sun records to RCA, a major label, and officially took over as his manager in 1956. Under the Colonel’s guidance, Elvis shot to stardom: His an initial single for RCA, “Heartbreak Hotel,” exit in 1956, became the an initial of his job to sell more than 1 million copies; his debut album, “Elvis Presley,” topped Billboard’s pop album chart; and he do his big-screen debut in 1956’s “Love Me Tender.”