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Answer - 10) all stars room born as a result of balance of pressures that is the pressure of heaviness compresses atom in interste…View the full answer

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Transcribed picture text: OBES mine Courses inquiry 10 Which event marks the bear of a star? Marof ns Flagston O collapse of an interstellar cloud ob development of a photosphere o e blend of hydrogen atoms right into hellum atom Od instability in one interstellar cloud o e development of the planetary nebula inquiry 11 not yet answer A usual protostar might be several thousand times an ext luminous than the Sun. What is the resource of this energy? significant out of F rebound question select one a. The ionization that the gas as it heats increase ob Chemical burning of hydrocarbons Nuclear combination in its core d. Native the relax of gravitational energy as the protostar continues to shrink From nearby hot stars or supernovae that have Initiated the star formation procedure Question 12 Interstellar gas is created of significant out the 1.00 together Flag question pick one oa ammonia, methane and water vapor b. 90% hydrogen 9% hellum by weight c. Only hydrogen od 10% hydrogen 90% helium by numbers of atoms some hydrogen, however mainly carbon dioxide EUR concern 13 not yet answered What room the attributes of globular cubertitats? significant out that F Flag question pick one: O a. No stars as warm as our sun ob No main sequence stars loll, v billions of member stars oc. Old age and hundreds the thousands come milions that member stars Od. A few hundred stars, many still ~ above the key sequence oe numerous light years across, with bright OB stars dominant Question 14 no yet answere Why are star clusters almost ideal laboratories for stellar studies? significant out of ns Flag question pick one: O a Stars in clusters space all relatively young and therefore shine brightly b. Choose our Sun, stars in swarm are always located in the plane of the Milky means Galaxy O c. Their combined light provides them much simpler to spot indigenous a distance. O d. Every stars in the cluster room the same size and luminosity O Stars in clusters have the very same age, comparable composition and also are in ~ the exact same distance away inquiry 15 no yet reply In the Milky way galaxy, gas and also dust are found marked out of 1.00 ns Flag question pick one a in emission nebulae a. In emissions nebulae. B. In dark nebulae. Ocin neutral hydrogen clouds din molecular clouds. E everywhere. LLLLL https://elearning a sledu/mod/quiz/sttemptohp?atteript:1944908 11