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Interface and also Hardware materials Configuration Guide, IOS XE Gibraltar 16.10.x (Catalyst 9400 Switches)

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Configuring Auto-MDIX


Configuring Auto-MDIX

Prerequisites because that Auto-MDIX

To configure layer 2 parameters, if the user interface is in class 3 mode, girlfriend must get in the switchport interface configuration command without any type of parameters to put the user interface into great 2 mode. This shuts under the interface and also then re-enables it, which can generate message on the maker to i m sorry the user interface is connected. Once you placed an user interface that is in layer 3 mode into Layer 2 mode, the vault configuration details related to the impacted interface can be lost, and also the interface is went back to its default configuration.

automatic medium-dependent user interface crossover (auto-MDIX) is enabled by default.

Restrictions because that Auto-MDIX

The device might not assistance a pre-standard powered device—such as IP phones and access points that do not completely support IEEE 802.3af—if that powered machine is linked to the maker through a crossover cable. This is nevertheless of even if it is auto-MIDX is permitted on the move port.

Information about Configuring Auto-MDIX

Auto-MDIX on an Interface

When automatic medium-dependent interface crossover (auto-MDIX) is allowed on an interface, the interface immediately detects the required cable connection type (straight with or crossover) and also configures the link appropriately. As soon as connecting tools without the auto-MDIX feature, you have to use straight-through cables to attach to devices such as servers, workstations, or routers and crossover cables to connect to other devices or repeaters. V auto-MDIX enabled, you can use either form of cable to attach to other devices, and the interface automatically corrects for any kind of incorrect cabling. For much more information about cabling requirements, see the hardware environment guide.

This table reflects the link states that an outcome from auto-MDIX settings and correct and also incorrect cabling.

Table 1. Connect Conditions and also Auto-MDIX setups

Local side Auto-MDIX

Remote side Auto-MDIX

With exactly Cabling

With incorrect Cabling



Link up

Link up



Link increase

Link increase



Link up

Link up



Link increase

Link under

How come Configure Auto-MDIX

Configuring Auto-MDIX on one Interface

Auto MDIX is rotate on by default. To disable Auto MDIX top top a port, use the no mdix auto command under the user interface configuration mode. To put it earlier to default, usage the mdix auto command in the user interface configuration mode. The adhering to steps show how to enable the Auto MDIX. Procedure Command or action Purpose



Device> enable

allows privileged EXEC mode.

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Enter her password if prompted.


configure terminal


Device# configure terminal

Enters an international configuration mode


user interface interface-id


Device(config)# interface gigabitethernet1/0/1

mentions the physical interface to be configured, and enter user interface configuration mode.


mdix auto


Device(config-if)# mdix auto

permits the Auto MDIX feature.




Device(config-if)# end

return to privileged EXEC mode.


copy running-config startup-config


Device# copy running-config startup-config

(Optional) saves your entries in the construction file.

Example for Configuring Auto-MDIX

This instance shows exactly how to enable auto-MDIX ~ above a port:

Device# configure terminalDevice(config)# interface gigabitethernet1/0/1 Device(config-if)# mdix autoDevice(config-if)# end

Auto-MDIX and also Operational State

Table 2. Auto-MDIX and also Operational State Auto-MDIX setting and to work State on an Interface


Auto-MDIX top top (operational: on)

Auto-MDIX is enabled and is fully functioning.

Auto-MDIX top top (operational: off)

Auto-MDIX is allowed on this interface but it is no functioning. To permit auto-MDIX attribute to function properly, you have to also collection the interface speed to it is in autonegotiated.

Auto-MDIX off

Auto-MDIX has been disabled with the no mdix auto command.

Additional recommendations for Auto-MDIX


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Feature history for Auto-MDIX

This table gives release and related details for features described in this module.

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These features are obtainable on all releases subsequent to the one castle were introduced in, unless provided otherwise.



Feature Information IOS XE Everest 16.6.1

Auto-MDIX on an Interface

An automatically medium-dependent interface crossover (Auto-MDIX) allowed interface detects the required cable connection kind (straight v or crossover) and configures the link appropriately.

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