Naturally, ns went to prevent them, but now I need to choose between pressing a red button or a blue one.

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The scientist ns just beat told me that among the buttons will certainly activate the device, while the other will shut the down, however he didn"t tell me which.

Knowing the Pokémon series, ns doubt I have the right to make a not correct decision, yet I still gain the feeling that choosing one switch or the other may result in subtle-to-moderate differences in the video game later on, such as which legend I will fulfill where, or similar.

What will happen if I determined to press the red button? What will take place if I choose the blue button? Or go it yes, really not matter at all?

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request Oct 17 "13 at 10:39

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Either way, the ultimate outcome is the same, as

The machine was going come be caused anyway, whether by girlfriend or them. He himself states he would have activated the anyway had you pressed one of two people button.

There doesn"t appear to be any difference in the later game based upon your choice.

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Red button - activates that Blue button - Deactivates yet scientist still activates it

Bummer indeed, however yeah either way the point still it s okay activated and also you will still have to chase to stop it.

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The Blue button shuts it down and the Red one activates it, yet either method it it s okay activated, you"ll see.

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answered Dec 25 "13 at 13:39

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If you press the red one you activate it, but if you push the blue one xenoric activates that via remote control.

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answered Feb 23 "14 at 9:39
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