Xanthan gum is typically added to foods items to assist thicken or stabilize them.If you’re looking for it in Walmart it deserve to usually be discovered in among the adhering to places (listed in order of likelihood):In the baking aisle next to the flour.

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In the gluten-free aisle, alongside the gluten-free flour.

Finding Xanthan Gum v The Walmart App

If you haven’t to be able to find Xanthan Gum anywhere and also there is no member of staff obtainable to help, friend should install the Walmart app, you have the right to then use it to examine if Xanthan Gum is in stock and where the is.If that is in stock then the application will tell girlfriend which aisle it have the right to be found in and also where precisely in the aisle you can discover it.To carry out this you will require to:Setup a Walmart account if girlfriend don’t have one (takes two minutes).Find the Walamart you in using your Zipcode.Type “Xanthan Gum” in the search bar and also tap search.The application will climate tell you if that is in stock, i beg your pardon aisle to uncover it in and also where specifically in the aisle to find it.

Xanthan Gum Alternatives

If your neighborhood Walmart is all out of Xanthan Gum then they perform stock some different options which will do the very same thing:AlternativesBest ForWhere To find It In WalmartPsyllium rice bowl PowderBinding agentHealth supplements aisleChia SeedsBinding & boosting the structure of a bakeBaking aisleGround Flax SeedsBinding & including moistureBaking aisleGelatinBinding/as one egg replacementBaking aisleAgar-AgarMoisture retention/making stretchier doughBaking aisle
For more hard-to-find Walmart products read our guides on where to find apple cider, buttermilk, cheesecloth, shirataki noodles, vegetables glycerin, Borax & batteries!

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