My great friend Betsy offered to pertained to our company to perform training top top goal setting and planning. She performs skilled training in ~ her company (a large recruiting firm), and is a peak performer there, so ns figured it would be an excellent for my account supervisors to hear native a high achiever.

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My training spending plan was a tiny tight, so ns asked Betsy if I might pay her in fruit. She agreed and also the training go great!

And now – right here comes the fruit payoff. Together we discussed her fruit options, Betsy had countless questions and concerns. Frieda’s selling exotic and also unusual fruits and also veggies, numerous of i beg your pardon she had actually never heard of.

“How around some Cherimoyas?”

“I don’t recognize what that is.”

“We have some lovely Moro Blood Oranges…”

“My husband doesn’t choose citrus fruit.”

“How about a situation of Fragrant Pears?”

“There are only 3 of us at home–we can never use a whole case.”

Does this sound acquainted to you? You want to introduce a brand-new fruit or veggie to her family and all you get is “No.”

So, I faced Betsy head on. I sent out her one email. “Betsy, ns have established your problem: You have a are afraid of fruit.”

She had actually to laugh. Ns said, “Trust me. Also though you’ve never ever tried what ns am walking to carry to you, i bet you’ll love it. And, after ~ you try it, I want you to ‘pass that forward’ and share it through your co-workers and also friends.”

And so, I ceded a big heavy box of 18 Ugli Fruits.


Ugli Fruit is from Jamaica and is a grapefruit-tangelo cross. It come by watercraft from Jamaica to Miami, and then we truck that to southern California. That looks like a greenish-yellow scratched-up grapefruit, and its thick skin is easy to peel. Within the fruit is a light golden-pink, refreshingly sweet, and really juicy flesh. This weeks’ delivery of Ugli Fruit had just landed on our office and also every piece looked great to me.

So what walk Betsy think? “I have actually seen ‘uglier’ fruit in my life,” she said, “But I carry out love the name.” Betsy claimed she discovered the Ugli Fruit come be an extremely juicy and also refreshing. “It was funny to try a new fruit!”

So, go to your favorite supermarket and also ask for part Ugli Fruit (also well-known as Uniq Fruit). Lock are just in season because that a short time.

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And now. . .what new fruit will I introduce next to Betsy’s family? Kiwano? passion Fruit? Or possibly the sweet and also soft Mamay Sapote? I’ll need to think around that one for a while.