BALLARD, Utah — Regulars keep someone deserve to spend weeks at Skinwalker Ranch and nothing bad, odd or inexplicable will happen.

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And climate in one instant, every little thing changes.

“You acquire that sense you do not do it be here, periodically the hair will begin standing up on her arms,” stated ranch superintendent cutting board Winterton. “I’ve had a emotion of dread or terror come end me and also I can’t obtain off (the ranch) quick enough.”


Skinwalker Ranch superintendent thomas Winterton. (KSL-TV)

The feelings roll in like a thunderstorm, and Winterton said they often precede the mysterious occasions that have end up being synonymous v the ranch, now the emphasis of a fight TV series with a 10-episode second season set to beginning sometime next year on history Channel.

Poltergeist activity, UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, bizarre injuries, transient radiation spikes and anomalous visual and also audio phenomena have actually all been either report or recorded over the decades.

“I came on the ranch together a finish skeptic,” Winterton said.

Then, he claimed he to be tasked with carving out part dirt roads on the residential or commercial property to boost accessibility.

“The legend below on Skinwalker Ranch is nothing dig,” Winterton said. “I had a mysterious bang (develop) on mine head pretty rapidly and over the food of a few days, my scalp fully separated from mine skull.”

History of Skinwalker Ranch

The zero of the ‘skinwalker’ has loomed over the residential or commercial property dating ago to a curse apparently inserted on the soil long ago by a native American tribe.

“The shaman cursed this ground with this demonic being that can take the form of, people say, a wolf, a coyote or crow or human,” Winterton said.

Accounts that the unknown are believed to date earlier well into the 1800s.

In 1996, then-ranch owners Terry and also Gwen Sherman told the Deseret News about a hold of task on their property they struggled come explain, including sightings of three different types of UFOs and cattle that either disappeared or were discovered mutilated — including one that “had a peculiar hole in the facility of its left eyeball however was otherwise untouched with no trace of blood.”

“For a long time we wondered what us were seeing, if it to be something to perform with a top-secret project,” terry Sherman said the Deseret News because that the story that appeared in the document on June 30, 1996. “I don’t recognize really what come think about it.”

The Sherman family members sold the home to las Vegas billionaire and also Bigelow Aerospace founder Robert Bigelow, who told the Deseret News in 1998 the strange task had continued as his nonprofit nationwide Institute for exploration Science investigated the lands.

“We wouldn’t be there simply for the weather,” Bigelow said the file for the story that appeared on Aug. 10, 1998. “Should civilization be fearful of anything indigenous NIDS? absolutely not, but I think the jury is way, way, means out and also a long way from coming back on even if it is or not we know enough to say the they shouldn’t have actually something to fear from the phenomena.”

Skinwalker Ranch Today 

Today, very tiny has been made public around what Bigelow and also his scientists may have done or discovered at the ranch, despite a new York times report in 2017 connected Bigelow’s agency with a Pentagon regime that investigated reports the unidentified flying objects.

Utah commercial real estate magnate Brandon Fugal purchase Skinwalker Ranch in 2016.

“What really interested me in this building was a conversation I had with certain scientists that approached me in 2015 that had been advising (the) billionaire,” Fugal stated in one interview v KSL-TV. “(Bigelow) had got a item of residential property that to be supposedly the website of an ext paranormal task and ‘high strangeness’ than anything rather being report in the country at the time.”


Utah commercial actual estate magnate Brandon Fugal. (KSL-TV)

Fugal assembled a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and also investigators in hopes of bringing to light answers around the unexplained events that had actually been occurring on the 512-acre ranch.

“Over 4 years, we have actually recorded phenomena that really defies all natural explanation,” Fugal said.

Numerous cameras and also sensors currently monitor the home 24/7 together the different field experts get a take care of on transient radiation and radio frequency anomalies that have actually been detected.

Scientists also look continually in ~ infrasonic and seismic measurements recorded in ~ the ranch.

Principal investigator Erik Bard said a wide range of theories has actually emerged regarding what can be behind the assorted unexplained events, consisting of focused energy sources either above or below the ground, a portal or some sort of interdimensional phenomenon, a technology of unknown origin or also the idea the a “sentient, pre-cognitive, non-human intelligence.”

Multiple civilization KSL interviewed additionally spoke the a possible “hitchhiker effect” in which those who have visited, stayed and also even researched at the ranch experienced phenomena and also ill-effects ~ they went back home.

“There is definitely an knowledge that exists on the home that is connecting with those the come and also go,” Fugal said.

KSL Visit & A feasible UFO Sighting? 

On June 18, KSL 5 reporter Andrew Adams and photographer Meghan Thackrey travel to Skinwalker Ranch to gather interviews because that this story and also to view what phenomena might take place during their roughly 9-hour remain there.

They had been cautioned the it to be very possible nothing would happen at all—which also can be quite typical on any type of given day.

This day, however, easily proved to be anything yet the usual.

It wasn’t lengthy after the crew had actually made it through the front door — which to be guarded by equipped head that security, Bryant “Dragon” Arnold — and also had met Fugal as he exited indigenous his helicopter, the the an initial of several unexplained events took place.

It began with a simple failure of a GoPro the was operating as a an additional camera in an interview through Bard within the ranch’s nerve center. The machine suddenly would not affix to the smartphone that was controlling it, which was in Thackrey’s hands simply feet away.


Armed head of defense Bryant “Dragon” Arnold & ranch superintendent cutting board Winterton. (KSL-TV)

“One the the an ext common points we suffer is a malfunction or shutdown of our equipment,” Bard easily chimed.

Some gear, the noted, had even sustained permanent damage while in ~ the ranch.

After numerous minutes the investigation and no conclusion what had actually caused the issue, the crew headed exterior to conference generic scenery shots on the property.

Thackrey deployed her drone to catch some aerial see of the ranchlands and also the top mesa the sat above the notorious homesteads. Top top landing, one more baffling connectivity issue involved light.

“It says calibration failed,” claimed Thackrey as she check out aloud the display screen prompt to Fugal. “Too strong magnetic interference detected. Certain there room no magnets or steel objects nearby.”

Fugal’s helicopter had currently flown away from the landing pad and also there to be nothing in vision that seemed to even suggest the possibility of some type of magnetic interference.

It to be at that moment Bard came outside and also revealed the the RF sensors had been lighting up in a continual manner that had not developed since the crew had actually arrived at the ranch.

“So we can think the this together a variety across the radio dial and here it’s together if numerous stations overall became very loud,” Bard explained.

It was unclear what might produce something prefer that for this reason it can be detected in the center of a rural countryside in the Uintah Basin.

“I don’t understand what the is or if that has any relation come what happened to her drone,” Bard told Thackrey. “It would certainly be fun to number that one out.”

The time was certainly curious, especially because two minutes later, Arnold and Winterton stated they i found it something in the skies that showed up to look prefer a contrail shadow.

Bard check the horizon together well, and also then retreated earlier into the nerve center to watch if the cameras had captured anything interesting.

They had.

“Something moves through there!” Bard exclaimed together he looked in ~ the recording from one camera. “Right here. Wonder what that male is!”

The trajectory showed up to be straight up into the sky, perhaps various than what might be observed the end of a airplane or a bird.

The ranch is also equipped with modern technology that detects aircraft signatures as they pass through the area.

Nothing seemed to correspond with what the camera captured.

“Oh my gosh!” Fugal exclaimed together he looked in ~ the blip top top the screen, which appeared practically like a slender, probably cigar-shaped object.

Any of those anomalies might have had actually perfectly natural explanations, yet the time of all of them together—wrapped up right into a possible UFO sighting — appeared of high attention to the ranch’s regulars.

So did an additional drone connectivity concern when Adams and also Thackrey explored near the well known Homestead No. 2, the epicenter for much of the ranch’s unusual activity.

“This is the 2nd drone that can’t attach in this very area,” Arnold said, noting a moment recorded in season one of the history Channel collection where a drone operator additionally notably encountered troubles. “This is, i mean, literally the the same spot wherein he couldn’t gain it to affix either.”

After walking number of hundred feet far from homestead No. 2 through still no connection, Winterton had an additional idea.

“I know this sound crazy, yet WILL friend PLEASE allow US TO fly THE DRONE?!” Winterton shouted in ~ the empty air.

Thackrey set the drone down on the ground and also within seconds it linked to that controller and also took flight.

“I claimed it the end loud and there it is in the air!” Winterton said to Fugal as he shrugged.



In enhancement to the drone and also GoPro troubles, the KSL crew likewise experienced multiple batteries draining in ~ a far faster rate than they had been accustomed — something Bard claimed is usual at the ranch.

The inexplicable extended beyond the feasible UFO sighting and atypical worries with electronics.

When the crew was filming elsewhere on the property, a pheasant was chased by an additional bird or pheasant and it flew into the former gate and broke that is neck and also died, follow to Arnold. The encounter was caught by a security camera.

While Adams and Thackrey to be interviewing Fugal and Arnold external Homestead No. 2 after ~ dark, they left one MP3 recorder and also flashlight top top the floor inside the homestead along with a revolution GoPro camera to view if any kind of audio or visual anomalies can be captured.

The lone record of note was a tiny flame that appeared to shoot out of the ground during a wind gust. It was visually distinctive to noþeles Adams or Thackrey had seen before and Fugal stated would require more examination.

To Fugal’s knowledge, there was nothing chemically energetic in the floor that could explain such an event, but did say the area was “electromagnetically influenced.” it was also several feet far from a spot where transient, high levels of radiation were detected during the recording of an episode of the background Channel show.

“It is — that baffling,” Fugal acknowledged of the wide range of unexplained occasions on the ranch.

Fugal and also Winterton both stated their experiences have altered their early skepticism.

“I can’t explain what it is, yet I can certainly say v a surety that there is something strange happening below at Skinwalker Ranch,” Winterton said.

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Fugal hoped his team of researchers will have the ability to uncover answers come what is leading to the mysterious phenomena in time.