What You must Know about the Law and also Adopting a Slider in Virginia:

Red-eared sliders, semi-aquatic turtles called for the distinctive red stripe on the political parties of their heads, are amongst the most famous pet turtles in the united States. They flower from small eggs, about the dimension of a quarter, and also grow conveniently up to a foot in length. However caring for a red-eared slider is a huge commitment, and it is crucial to learn around the breed and the numerous laws that apply to it prior to deciding to do a slider a pet.

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Federal Law

A 1975 federal law prohibits the revenue of tortoise eggs and also live turtles much less than 4 inches in length. In Maryland, it is illegal to market turtles recorded in the wild together pets and in Virginia, red-eared sliders are identified as naturalized wildlife, which provides their sale or acquisition illegal in the state. They can be given away or preserved as pets, as lengthy the human being caring because that the slider has no much more than five of them. Anyone reasoning of a red-eared slider as a pet should consider adopting.


Many pet shelters execute not accept red-eared sliders, and many rescue organizations that take it turtles space at capacity and are can not to expropriate red-eared sliders. Fortunately, the pet Welfare organization of Alexandria’s Vola Lawson animal Shelter is one open-admission shelter and also accepts red-eared sliders.

Adoption in ~ AWLA

The shelter frequently has turtle available because that adoption, and the AWLA cannot charge an fostering fee for the red-eared slider because of state and also federal law. Additionally, the turtles have the right to only be embraced into houses in Virginia since it is illegal to import or export the turtles across state lines.

Besides this legalities, federal regulation prohibits publication red-eared sliders right into the wild, therefore if the tortoise cannot be provided to a shelter, rescue organization, or an additional home, it should be humanely euthanized.

Lifespan, development and great Environments

Adopting a red-eared slider is a long-term commitment. The turtle live an typical of 30 years, although part live to be 40 or 50. The turtles likewise require a most space. Females can grow to it is in 10 to 12 inches, and males can reach 7 to 8 inches. They need to be retained in a very big tank or pond v 10 gallons the water per inch of the turtle, and fenced-in backyard ponds can be an excellent environments because that pet red-eared sliders, according to professionals on the breed.

For much more information about red-eared sliders and also other turtles found in Virginia, visit the Virginia room of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF).

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For a present list of adoptable animals in ~ the Vola Lawson pet Shelter, visit our adoption page.