AMC is choose up its intriguing and also successful much better Call Saul time slot companion, Lodge 49, because that Season 2.

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By Alec Bojalad | respectable 1, 2019 | | comments count:0

Lodge 49 Season 2 was not inevitable.

Despite having actually a solid Better call Saul lead-in, Lodge 49 was a actual risky proposition for AMC. The an initial season that the show was around as speculative as TV display offerings have the right to get. It come from longtime fiction writer however TV novice, Jim Gavin. It starred family member unknowns Wyatt Russell and Brent Jennings.

It to be a quirky, light-hearted comedy, but likewise danced around the edges of some actual mystical stuff. Today, however, that initial hazard pays turn off for AMC as the network has actually announced that it to be renewed Lodge 49 for Season 2.

Lodge 49 Season 2 release Date

We have actually an main release date for Lodge 49 Season 2! The display will go back to AMC ~ above Monday, respectable 12 at 10:00 p.m. ET, complying with the premiere of The Terror Season 2. Mark your calendars.

Lodge 49 Season 2 Trailer

The Lodge 49 Season 2 trailer is here! and no, Dud doesn’t recognize where that door leader to. 

Lodge 49 Season 2 Cast

Lodge 49 speak a funny, wise and also meaningful story the immediately and also deeply resonated through critics and viewers alike,” AMC chairman of programming David Madden claimed in a statement. “With a talented cast including Wyatt Russell, Brent Jennings and Sonya Cassidy, in addition to our strong creative team led by Jim Gavin and also Peter Ocko, we are specifically proud the this collection from both an AMC network and also AMC Studios perspective and also are looking forward to a return expedition to the ‘Lodge.’”

In addition to Russell, Jennings and Cassidy, this season’s cast includes Linda Emond (Connie), Eric Allan Kramer (Scott) and David Pasquesi (Blaise).

Lodge 49 Season 2 Story

Described together a “modern fable,” Lodge 49 complies with Californian surfer bro, Dud (Russell), together he tries to acquire his life together adhering to the fatality of his father and a mysterious snake bite he continual in south America. Dud’s route for definition and community takes him to Lodge 49 of the Fraternal stimulate of the Lynx. Lodge 49 is a Freemason-esque mystery society v a complicated, otherworldly mythology – but it additionally just transforms out to be a solid place for working class beach folk to hang out and also drink beer.

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“I feeling so happy to be working v AMC, i beg your pardon has shown such belief in Lodge 49, and I can’t wait to jump ago in through our exceptional cast,” Gavin said of the renewal.

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Gavin created and writes Lodge 49. Peter Ocko serves as showrunner through Dan Carey, Jeff Freilich, and Paul Giamatti serving as producers. 

AMC report at that is 2019 TCA winter push tour appearance the Lodge 49 Season 2 started filming top top January 22 in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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