Warm weather is here and Myrtle coast Bike mainly 2015 is comes up fast. Every year, Harley mainly in Myrtle coast draws large crowds from all over the country all through the score of riding their bikes in the warmth Carolina sunshine. This year's cycle Fest events will be hosted at the

, located off HWY 501 in ~ the Myrtle coast Speedway. This is the first year the Speedway will hold these events and if you're attending bicycle Fest this year, girlfriend won't want to miss out on it. The events will walk from Tuesday, may 12th with Saturday, may 16th and also will include:

• Live DJ everyday• Poker operation on the track• NASCAR ride-alongs• Performances from local bands

Perhaps the biggest occasion of the main that will be ensuing at Myrtle coast Speedway is the Travis Tritt and also Charlie Daniels band concert. The Outlaws will also be performing together a unique guest. The concert will certainly take ar Friday, may 15th. Doors open up at 5pm, and the show begins at 6pm.

You can buy your tickets through Vacation Myrtle Beach for the exclude, price the $39.99. Ticket amounts are limited, for this reason don't wait!

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