Which tissue form consists of a paper of cells that covers a body surface or present a human body cavity? A. Connective tissue B. Nervous tissue C. Muscle tissue D. Epithelial tissue

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What tissue form has polarity and is avascular? A. Muscle B. Connective organization C. Nervous organization D. Epithelium
Which the the complying with is not a way in which any type of epithelial organization is classified? A. Shape of the cells B. Place C. Kind of secretion D. Number of cell layers
Why space adipose tissue, blood, and also bone all taken into consideration to it is in connective tissues? A. They have the same varieties of cells. B. They have a common origin: mesenchyme. C. They connect to every other. D. Lock all have actually collagen and elastic yarn in your extracellular matrix.
Connective tissues space made of various combinations of floor substance and also fibers. Together you to compare slides the connective tissues, which would most likely be the strongest kind of connective tissue based upon the composition of ground substance and fibers? A. Connective tissue high in ground problem B. Connective tissues high in collagen yarn C. Connective tissue high in elastic yarn D. Connective organization high in reticular fibers
Which residential or commercial property is most constant in the bulk of connective tissues? A. Greater amount the extracellular matrix compared to cellular content B. Big number that connective yarn C. Large amounts of ground substance D. Avasculartiy
Which is the many atypical connective tissue due to the fact that it does not act together a binding or packaging product under normal conditions or carry out structural support? A. Cartilage B. Areolar connective tissue C. Blood D. Osseous
Which organization have small to no sensible regenerative capacity? A. Nervous tissue and smooth muscle B. Cardiac and smooth muscle C. Cardiac muscle and also nervous tissue in the mind and spinal cord D. Epithelial tissue, bones, and areolar connective tissue
Under a microscopic lense you observe a organization that appears to have long fibers that appear striated. The nuclei are pushed off come the next of the fibers. The tissue looks very vascular. What type of tissue are you observing? A. Skeletal muscle organization B. Dense irregular connective organization C. Osseous tissue D. Dense continuous connective tissue
Which of the following is a dried membrane exposed to the air? A. Mucous membrane B. Serous membrane C. Synovial membrane D. Cutaneous membrane
After a heart attack, fibrosis wake up at the site of cardiac muscle cell death. This reduce the effectiveness of the heart"s pumping activity because __________. A. The undamaged cardiac muscle cells become fatigued indigenous the power expended during the healing process B. Fibrous connective organization is incapable of contracting C. Fibrosis produces new cardiac muscle cells that are not as strong as the mature ones that passed away D. The initial death of part cardiac muscle cells triggers a chain reaction in which progressively more and more neighboring healthy and balanced cells die




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