Heat and Energy Review

Conduction is the transfer of energy through...

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Radiation is the transport of power in the type of Waves
Winds are instances of ____ Currents. Convection
Shiny and light colored thing ___ Radiant Energy. Reflect
Energy in the form of motion is ___ Energy. Kinetic
According to the law of preservation of Energy, power is not ____ or ____ Created, Destroyed.
power is not ____ or ____ follow to the ____ Law of preservation of Energy
A absent at the leaf of a cliff has ____ energy due to the fact that of that is position. Gravitational Potential
According to the law of conservation of Energy, energy is not produced or destroyed, it can _____ Change Form
Energy stored in the food friend eat is _____ Energy Chemical
The energy of motion is called Kinetic Energy
When an object becomes warmer, the ____ Increases. Thermal
The energy stored in gasoline is ___ Energy Chemical (Potential)
The full of all KE and PE in an object is that __ Energy Thermal
Walking converts____ power into mechanically energy. Chemical
Heat is the move of thermal power from 1 thing to an additional due to distinctions in ___ Temperature
Thermal power moves from a ___ Temp come a ___ temp. High, Low
What property of things is pertained to the mean kinetic energy of the corpuscle in the object? Temperature
Temperature is a measure up of the ... Average Kinetic power of an object.
Energy from the sunlight reaches the planet mainly be..... Radiation
Matter is required for i m sorry 2 develops of warmth transfer? Conduction and also Convection
If things is a an excellent conductor, it will be a ____ Insulator Bad (poor)
The move of heat that does no require matter be current is ___ Radiation
Convection bring away place finest in what species of matter? Liquids and also Gases
In convection, hot object are ____ dense and _____ Less, Rise
In convection, Cold object space ____ dense and also _____ More, Sinks
Energy can not be developed or destroyed according to the legislation of... Conservation that energy
Liquids and gases are various that solids due to the fact that they ... Flow (Are Fluids)
When you relocate your hand or foot,your body has actually converted potential energy into __- Energy Kinetic
Thermal power of a demorphs bed is transferred to a person through which kind of heat? Radiation (BUT DON'T carry out THIS!)
Thermal power of a fire location transfers warm to your household room by... Radiation
Baseboard heater in your home transfers warm to her room through which type of energy? Convection
Thermal energy of an stole transfers power to your apparel by which form of heat transfer? Conduction
Transfer of heat from the pot top top your stove to the pots manage is an instance of what form of warm transfer? Conduction
Why do countless pots and pans have a handle that is no made that metal? To insulate (Not move heat)
Why is many cookware do of metal? Good conductor of heat
What is the purpose of an insulator? To keep heat in (Not cold out)
What happens to the corpuscle of wait heated during convection? They expand, come to be less dense and also rise.

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The power transfer through poignant is ____ Conduction
For miscellaneous to be heated, the suns radiation have to be ____ and changed to heat. Absorbed
Dark and dull points ____ Radiation Absorb
Heat rises over a toaster when making toast due to ___ Convection
Your hands space warmed end a fire through which type of warm transfer? Radiation/Convection