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Normal love Anatomy

The main function of the love is to supply oxygen-rich blood bromheads.tve every cabinet in the body.

The arteries are the passageways v which the blood is delivered and the veins are the passageways v which the blood is built up and went back to the heart.

The adult love weighs in between 200 bromheads.tve 425 grams (7 bromheads.tve 15 ounces) and is about the dimension of her fist. Her heart is a muscle, which unlike various other muscles the the body needs to work around the clock to save your blood circulating.

To recognize the anatomy and function of the heart, us have divided the heart right into two sections - Exterior and Interior

Exterior Anatomy

Vena Cava

The vena cava is a big vein that brings deoxygenated (impure) blood back to the heart and empties it in bromheads.tve the appropriate atriuma.


There room two atria, the right atrium, and the left atrium, which room the two upper chambers that the 4 muscular chambers of the heart.

The appropriate atrium collection the impure blood indigenous the vena cava and delivers it to the appropriate ventricle. This delivery is regulated by the tricuspid valve.

The left atrium collects the oxygenated blood indigenous the lungs, via the pulmonary veins and also delivers it bromheads.tve the left ventricle. This delivery is regulated by the mitral valve.


There are two ventricles, right and also left, which are the two lower chambers the the four muscular chambers the the heart.

The appropriate ventricle collects the impure blood from the best atrium and also delivers it to the lungs for purification (oxygenation). This delivery is regulation by the pulmonary valve.

The left ventricle collection the pure blood from the left atrium and also delivers it to the aorta (main artery) from where it is pumped bromheads.tve the remainder of the body. This distribution is regulation by the aortic valve.

Pulmonary Artery

As bromheads.tvponent of the pulmonary circulation, the pulmonary artery carries the de-oxygenated blood from the right ventricle bromheads.tve the lungs because that oxygenation.

Pulmonary Veins

Blood ~ oxygenation in the lungs, is brought ago to the heart by pulmonary veins and also delivered bromheads.tve left atrium.


The Aorta the largest artery in the body, collects blood pumped native the left ventricle to branch and deliver the oxygen well-off blood to miscellaneous organs and also tissues in the human body.


The pericardium is the liquid filled sac that surrounds the heart. The love literally floats in this pericardial fluid.

The main role of the pericardium is to:

save the love within the chest cavity Act together a shock absorber preventing the love from over widening when blood volume boosts

Coronary Circulation

The coronary circulation consists of the blood vessels the supply blood to, and also remove blood from, the heart tissue. Coronary arteries it is provided oxygen rich blood bromheads.tve the heart and also the coronary veins eliminate the deoxygenated blood native the heart.

Serious heart damage may occur when the coronary circulation is blocked.

Coronary Arteriesy

Blood is gave to the heart by the coronary arteries. Two key coronary arteries branch turn off the aorta climate branch into several smaller arteries that supply oxygen well-off blood bromheads.tve the heart.

Coronary Veins

The deoxygenated blood native the heart muscle is collected by the coronary veins and drained right into the appropriate atrium.

Circulatory system

The heart acts a pump, transporting blood bromheads.tve the organs, tissues, and also cells of your body with a bromheads.tvplicated network of arteries, arterioles, and capillaries. Blood is went back to your heart through venules (small veins) and veins.

Interior Anatomy


The heart is a pump and each contraction of the love represents one heartbeat.

Pulse or Heart price is the variety of heartbeats every minute.

The heart price is controlled by the mind and different depending on, determinants such as age, stress, exercise, bordering temperature, and hormones.

The heartbeat is a two part pumping action- Systole (contraction) and also Diastole (relaxation). Move your cursor over the labels to uncover out more.

Systole (Ventricular Contraction)

The collection of activities in systole which happens at one details moment are:

The tricuspid and mitral valve close up door to prevent backflow into the respective atria Blood from the ideal ventricle is pumped bromheads.tve the lungs with the pulmonary artery Blood from the left ventricle is pumped to the rest of the body with the aorta The Vvena cava empties the deoxygenated blood into the appropriate atrium The pulmonary veins empty the oxygenated blood into the left atrium

In a normal resting adult, the love beats around 72 times per minute (Pulse 72), which means all the above activities take place in much less than one second.

Diastole (Ventricular rRelaxation)

The series of activities in diastole which happens at one particular moment are:

The tricuspid and also the mitral valve open Deoxygenated blood from the right atrium operation to the ideal ventricle Oxygen affluent blood indigenous the left atrium flows to the left ventricle

In a normal resting adult, the heart beats about 72 times per minute (Pulse 72), which means all the above activities wake up in much less than one second.

Heart Valves

The main function of the love valves is to regulate and also prevent the backflow the the blood.

There room four essential valves in the heart.

Tricuspid Valve

The tricuspid valve regulates blood flow between the right atrium and the appropriate ventricle.

It stays clear of the backflow the blood to the ideal atrium once the appropriate ventricle pumps blood bromheads.tve the lungs.

Mitral Valve

The mitral valve regulates the blood flow between the left atrium and the left ventricle.

It prevents the backflow of blood bromheads.tve the left atrium as soon as the left ventricle pumps blood v the aorta to the rest of the body.

Pulmonary Valve

The pulmonary valve regulates the de--oxygenated blood indigenous the ideal ventricle to the lungs for purification.

Aortic Valve

The aortic valve regulates the oxygenated blood pumped from the left ventricle bromheads.tve the rest of the body.

Conduction System

The heart"s pumping energy originates from a built-in electrical conduction system.

The sinoatrial node, SA node is referred to as the heart"s natural pacemaker that reasons the atria bromheads.tve contract once the electric impulse is released.

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The signal is climate passed on bromheads.tve the atrioventricular node, AV node, and then to the conduction pathways (bundle of His) to provide electrical economic stimulation to the ventricles.