In a story, object, action or character can be used as allegories or metaphors to create symbolism. “This is What It way to say Phoenix, Arizona” through Sherman Alexie is a story augmented through imagery. The story discusses the psychological haunting and also painful physical trip of Victor, a young aboriginal American guy from the state of Washington who goes all the means to Arizona to claim his so late father’s estate and remains. Throughout the ride, Victor is accompanied by his friend, cutting board Builds-the-Fire that on their method understands Victor’s loss. Victor through the assist of his friend, cutting board learns about his Indian culture, his father and himself. When the story addresses the sad life journey of Victor, Alexie symbolically introduces to the audience the cake relationships and also search the self-identity native the native American allude of view.

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The story illustration a journey theme that literally wake up in a aircraft to Phoenix and also road trip earlier to Washington. Symbolically, the journey presents the long procedure Victor has to undergo in the find for his identity. The airplane ride to Phoenix also depicts the strained relationship between the people and also the U.S government like Victor who had had a weak bond through his father, who neglected him as soon as he was young. Because that example, the two friends conference Cathy, the gymnast the just American participated in the 1980 Olympic Games, i m sorry America never ever supported. Alexie illustrates the the strained partnership is not only at the family members level but likewise at the state level. Therefore the strained connection is a common thing in the American culture. V the trip to Phoenix and back, and also Cathy’s presence, Alexie gift Victor’s journey of discovering his self and the citizen’s initiatives of repair the the end of hand relationship between them and the government as well as individuals and also their families. The journey ago to residence shows Victor’s currently of his identity, and as a result, the is all set to take control of his own life. ~ above their method back, cutting board accidentally hits the jackrabbit, and also they cause the rabbit leading to its death. The excuse readily available by the two friends portrays Victor and also his father’s ability to stop detrimental things in their lives, but they never did so. However, now Victor is all set to take control of his life and also illustrates this when he takes back the wheel indigenous Thomas and drives to the reservation. Victor go not want to be like his dad or jackrabbit, and as together he is aware in taking fee of his own life path.

Despite the pursuance of self-identity and tense relationships explored in the story, Alexie reflects that the real story through the character of Victor. Together a protagonist, Victor shows up at the finish of the story not just as a changed man yet someone who have the right to change. In the end, Victor has actually regenerated his identity, and also he has hidden painful previous experiences including a drunk fight through Thomas and his father negligence. He has actually reconciled with his father and also Thomas, and now that is in tranquility with is himself. Together a authorize of apology, he offers Thomas share his father’s ashes, through Thomas both agree to go to Spokane drops to spread the ashes. “I’m walk to take trip to Spokane falls one critical time and toss this ashes into the water. And your father will rise like a salmon, leap over the bridge, end me, and also find his means home” (Alexie 12). Thomas makes Victor smile, and also at the very same time, Victor establish the bond in between Thomas and his father. Henceforth, Victor views thomas as component of his own story. Having beaten and abandoned thomas before, Victor feels the he had actually had an chance to reclaim part of himself which he has lost in the past.

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Alexie has actually used a condensed and also imagery language through objects, places, characters and also actions to define strained relationships and also quest for the self-identity. Victor and his father showed up to have had actually a shaky relationship because Victor appears to know tiny about his father. Victor had also had a broken relationship through his girlfriend Thomas as soon as they to be young. The worry of weak ties is not only witnessed at the household and personal interaction levels but additionally the nationwide level. Because that example, the American federal government has a sour relationship with the citizens as presented through Cathy, the just American athlete who stood for the country in the Olympic Games. Alexie offers metaphors such as fire, Phoenix, journey and actions to express a deeper definition that calls for the readers’ translate to clear the concealed message.