7. Carquinez Bridge (northbound): Sad, ugly twin to the prettier westbound sister. Alas.


6. Dumbarton Bridge: The name claims it all. Not one of our favorites.


5. San Mateo-Hayward Bridge: What it lacks in design, it more than makes up because that in heft: according to Wikipedia, "it"s the longest bridge in the bay Area and also the 25th longest in the world."


4. Carquinez (southbound): Sleek bridge, yes, however you can additionally see the C&H Sugar manufacturing facility from it. Sweeeeet. 


3. Bay bridge (eastern span): A stunner, yes. But likewise an effort at replicating Santiago Calatrava"s sundial bridge in Reddin. Still, though, we give it high marks for unabashed modernity. Fine done.


2. Golden Gate Bridge: for this reason fabulous and (obviously) world-famous, also deer like it. 


1. Bay leg (western span): just Lights. Emperor Norton. Steel. Concrete. Perfection. 

Photos: 6. Howcheng; 5.Calbookaddict; 4. Kevin Collins; 2. Calibas; 1. ChristianSchd 

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