Hello everyone, welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links Gem and Gold Earning Guide. This guide is to aid you discover all the methods to achieve gems and gold in Duel Links. It’s nothing to daunting and everyone can do for this reason lets obtain to it. Also, examine out this awesome new site v card packs and also deck builders!

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Duel links – Gems and Gold

So the first thing to understand is specifically what gems and gold are provided for in Duel Links. Gems are the primary resource of money in Duel web links being used for most everything necessary in the game.

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With gems you have the right to buy cards i m sorry is what the video game is all about. For 50 gems you can obtain 1 card load of 3 cards and also for 500 jewel you can obtain 10 map packs v 30 cards.

Where together gold is generally only used for one role at the moment and also that is the card Trader. When you reach stage 7 you gain accessibility to the map Trader.

He trades girlfriend cards for particular material which deserve to be all over from stones to gold. Most of the moment it end up being yellow so that’s whereby your yellow reserves space going to go to.

So now that we know just how to use our money the time to learn how to earn it. And what much better place to start than having some duels?

Methods to acquire Currency



One of the easiest ways to acquire gold and also gems is simply by playing some duels. After every duel you are awarded 2 screens, the level increase screen and also the rewards screen.

On the level up display screen you can acquire gems every time you increase your duelist level. Every reward for a level is different but a many them are gems.

And it works well too particularly once you begin unlocking more duelists choose Joey and also Tea. Then you deserve to start leveling them and also gain even an ext gems.


After the level up display screen is the price screen and this one is type of a roulette game. After every duel you’re offered some rewards and a many the time you’re just provided gold.

But no every solitary time is walk to obtain gold sometimes you’ll get gate keys or also a map which can be valuable on its own. Yet you’ll be doing a lot of dueling in the video game so obtaining gold rewards will certainly be a a second nature type deal.

The people map and Stages


Another kind of roulette way to gain gold is by finding it laying roughly the civilization map. You’ll see little exclamation point out (!) on the map and also they room often found everywhere.

Just tap the mark and also you’ll be provided a arbitrarily reward. A lot of the time it’ll be some sort of vital but just like duel rewards they’ll generally be gold.

As because that gems over there is one more thing on the people map display screen that enables you to get much more gems. And also those are the stage levels.


Stages are basically missions you can complete by playing the game and also by doing so girlfriend are provided several different an excellent rewards. Many of the rewards are gems there’s just no getting around that and it’s exactly what us want.

Aside from jewel you can additionally get yellow sometimes depending on the mission. And also gate keys and other neat small rewards.

Duel Quizzes


Now us move into the Duel Quizzes which is one of the best means to acquire gems in the entire game. Just by completing them friend can get chunks of gems.

Duel Quizzes us are straightforward little points all you need to do is finish tasks within a predefined duel with special conditions. They get increasingly more complicated as you go with them but as the difficulty raises the amount of gems and also other rewards does as well.

There room three levels of Duel Quizzes you can go through. 1 star Duel Quizzes room unlocked at stage 5, 2 star Duel Quizzes space unlocked at phase 8, and also 3 star Duel Quizzes space unlocked at stage 13.

So they room a good way to further your dueling skills and obtain some jewel while you perform it. For this reason I highly recommend going with all the Duel Quizzes as shortly as friend unlock them.

Login Bonus and Card Conversion


Now the last couple of ways to gain gold and also gems space extremely simple and take it very small work come do. The first one is simply by opening the game every day and those are your login bonuses

Every day as soon as you login you are offered a complimentary prize that have the right to be gems, gold, keys and anywhere in between. Therefore be sure to login every day and collect them reason the greater login streak you have actually the better rewards you’ll get.

Aside indigenous login bonuses over there is one other means to acquire gold in the game and its a very straightforward thing that you have the right to do if you’re really pushing to use the map Trader. And that technique is map Conversion.


By going into your card brochure you can choose a map you own and also hit the transform button. When you do you’ll be brought to a display screen that will display you the rewards you’ll obtain in exchange for your card.

All cards offer you gold and also some give some extra rewards together well. However the card convert is largely used because that gaining little amounts of gold.

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So ns hope this guide was beneficial to several of you just getting into Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Hopefully currently you all have a tiny wealth building and as friend play it’ll only obtain bigger.