I’ve heard a lot of of civilization refer to their 23rd birthday as the start of your “Jordan Year.” friend know, the number MJ wore. That might actually simply be specific to north Carolina, but I think it’s actually sort of cool and mildly funny. Because that the very first time, I newly saw who on Facebook describe the “Pippen Year,” which of food is 33.

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I wonder if other parts of the nation do this and also regionalize it based upon local sports stars. Probably Clevelanders speak to it the “LeBron Year” instead. The sounds man to me, however to every his own.

So this acquired me thinking: if i were walking to surname different years the life after athletes, who would ns use? because that this exercise, I’m going to stick v the NBA theme. I’ve noted a few years here.

How old room you, and also what do you want to call it?

1 – D climbed Year. There’s a decent possibility you get hurt repeatedly.

3 – Iverson Year. anyone is selfish at this age. You can show promise as a emerging human, however you tho think everything’s about you.

8 – Kobe Year. This is the year you invest as a third grader jacking increase shot after shot on the playground, most likely with a ton that bricks and contested fadeaways. However that one time friend knock it under while yelling, “KOBE!” makes every little thing worth it.

11 – Sabonis/Schrempf Year. one of the best years of her life, and also you don’t even know it. You need to be therefore honored come be contrasted to this legends.

12 – Dwight Year. Oh, the preteen years. One day you’re pretty cool like Detlef Schrempf, and the next day, no one likes you. Similar to Dwight’s career post-Orlando.

13 – Harden Year. being a teen and entering high school is important. Don’t flop.

15 – Carter Year. I’m in reality not sure there’s a an excellent comparison here. Vince Carter was as soon as the most amazing player in the NBA, and freshman/sophomore year of high institution isn’t amazing in the least. Yet Carter is great, so he it s okay his own year.

20 – Allan Houston Year. Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots. EVERYBODY.

21 – Duncan Year. I’m currently living the most consistent, ageless year of mine life. Never end.

23 – Jordan Year. 

30 – Rasheed Year. exactly how did you get to it is in 30? the was fast. Friend can acquire a tiny mad. It’s OK. Just gain a small angry, take the tech and move on.

31 – Reggie Year. This isn’t a great comparison because unlike Reggie Miller, many 31 year olds recognize what a pun is.

32 – Magic Year. I’m no there yet, but I’m not sure being 32 yes, really feels favor magic. This might be a misnomer.

33 – Pippen Year. (Sorry Kareem, Bird and also Ewing.)

34 – Shaq Year. You walk from Pippen to Shaq in one year. Not specifically a graceful transition going from a smooth tiny forward come a massive 300-pound center, however hey, the 30s deserve to be a unstable time for part people.

42 – Worthy Year. big GAME JAMES. You’ll it is in a hard contributor in everything you carry out this year. Human being might forget since you can be overshadowed, yet you’re quiet pretty helpful at 42.

50 – Robinson Year. This could the the height of her life. Think of a method to leave on top. The Admiral did and also it settled swimmingly.

55 – Mutumbo Year. oh no, you’re obtaining old. No, no, no. (wags finger)

91 – Rodman Year. world this old often go crazy. Rodman epitomized crazy.

92 – DeShawn Stevenson Year.

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mental what i said around crazy?


Andrew Tie is a senior journalism significant at UNC-Chapel Hill. The is a 2015 dat Winning fellow.