People regularly write to united state asking if it’s it s okay to swim while on their period. Will certainly you get damaging cramps, acquire an infection, or be consumed by sharks? not likely.

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If you gain swimming during the rest of your cycle, you deserve to still swim once you have actually your period! 

Still, if you’d rather lie ~ above the sofa and also eat pizza, that’s additionally a valid option. Read on for answers to all your duration swimming questions.

It is no unhygienic to swim if menstruating

In 2016, a fitness facility in the country of Georgia make headlines as soon as they posted a sign in the women’s locker room saying “Dear ladies! perform not get in the pool throughout periods.” They asserted this to be to defend other swimmers after who “contaminated” the pool with menstrual blood, yet there’s naught unhygienic around swimming during your period. If you usage a tampon or term cup, it’s unlikely that any kind of blood will certainly be released into the water while girlfriend swim. Also if your duration started if you to be swimming and also a little amount that blood came out, this would certainly be diluted by the water.

Swimming pools contain small amounts of bodily fluids favor urine and also sweat, but the water is typically treated v chlorine to stop the spread of disease. In other words, you are not endangering anyone’s health by swimming throughout your period.

You won’t leave a bloody trail in the water

Water pressure deserve to stop your flow temporarily while friend swim, however if you laugh, cough, sneeze or move around, the press can change and a tiny amount the blood could come out. The great news is it probably won’t be visible. Once you obtain out the the water your period will flow again normally, so it’s a good idea to use a tampon or expression cup if swimming. Pads and pantyliners aren’t a good option since they will certainly absorb water and also become ineffective. Expression cups can be left in for as much as 12 hours, so they room a long-lasting alternative to tampons. 



You will not get consumed by sharks since of your period 

Thanks to some well-known films prefer Jaws, too many of people are afraid of sharks while swimming in the ocean. Some civilization with durations are told no to swimming in the ocean throughout their periods because period blood could attract sharks (2). There are no recorded cases of sharks attacking who on your period. According to the global Shark assault File, many people safely dive if menstruating. Much more research is needed, but they can not use seen any kind of pattern of increased attacks on menstruating divers. Marie Levine, Founder and Executive director of The Shark study Institute has been diving for years without any problem. She told mother Jones, “ also got my duration while underwater v a school of hammerheads—the sharks were no interested.” 

You are more likely to gain an ear infection 보다 a vaginal infection from swimming

Skin infections, ear infections, and stomach illnesses indigenous swallowing contaminated water are more common complaints than vaginal infections from swim (3-6). Always check with local health authorities for info on water high quality at local swimming spots. Wet shower suits can cause pH changes and also irritate her vagina and also vulva, bring about a yeast infection or bacter vaginosis (BV) (7). To mitigate the hazard of a yeast epidemic or BV, friend can change into dry garments after friend swim. If you notice any itching, burning, or inexplicable discharge after swimming, speak to your healthcare provider.

Use a tampon, sponge, or cup if swimming

If you can’t or don’t desire to use a tampon or alternative product like a sponge or term cup, you have actually a couple of options. If your circulation is light, you have the right to wear absorbent swimwear or a dark-colored fit to avoid stains. Waterproof absorbent swimwear look at like continuous bikini bottoms yet has a hidden, leak-proof lining the helps absorb menstrual blood. You deserve to wear a pad before and also after swimming.

Swimming have the right to relieve duration cramps

Low-intensity exercise choose swimming deserve to actually aid to relieve menstrual cramps (8). Throughout exercise, her body releases the endol pin that plot as organic painkillers and give friend an increased feeling of well-being. Research also shows that swimming have the right to reduce premenstrual syndrome (PMS) (9). For part people, exercise could be negatively impacted by their menstrual cycle. Olympic medalist Fu Yuanhui broke taboos as soon as she said reporters that duration cramps had impacted her performance. 

You can hold-up your duration for swimming (and vacations)

If you usage typical an unified hormonal contraceptive pills, it’s feasible to skip or delay your period by immediately starting your following pack instead of taking the placebo pills. Some hormonal contraceptives are designed so that you only have a duration every 3 months. If she an avid swimmer and prefer no to use tampons or alternatives, you could ask your health care provider about these choices and discover what is ideal for you.

Will everyone recognize I have my period? 

Menstruation is a herbal process. If she worried about stains or leaks, you might wear a dark-colored swimsuit or include an extra layer by wearing swim shorts. Put on a tampon or a menstrual cup will avoid blood indigenous leaking when you’re swimming. If you want to, you can ask a friend to alert you of any type of leaks, or take it a quick trip come the bathroom come check—this way you can relax and just have fun in the water.

Track your cycle in Clue come predict your duration before your next swim.

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