Disclaimer: This is not a TV series that i watch; I"m just not in that target demographic, so ns can"t really speak come its merits, or reaction to the reactions plenty of of girlfriend have had actually to that is return a pair of job ago. I"m simply a messenger in this case...Announced early on last year,Centric,formerly recognized asBET on Jazz, bet Jazz, and BET J, and launched in September 1996 asa spin-off cable television channel of BET, is being rebranded, yet again - this time as a particularly black woman-focused network, calling chin "the first network design for black color women."Those rebranding efforts continue to take shape in 2015, beginning withthe relaunch the the network"s pickup that the canceled VH1 drama series"Single Ladies," which premiered 2 nights ago, march 18, 2015, airing ~ above both Centric and also BET (for those without Centric).Centric likewise previously announced an exclude, co-production deal with Queen Latifah’s flavor Unit Entertainment to produce new content for the network, and as component of the deal, bet Networks was to develop and premiere one all-new Season 4 that the highly-rated "Single Ladies" collection for Centric, which it reportedly has. However maybe it"s a small too "all-new" because that a lot of you, if your post-season 4 premiere comments are any indication.Apparently, brand-new characters have actually been introduced, part old favorite characters are gone, and also what formerly appealed come the series" core audience - in terms of story and also style - seems to have actually been lost in some kind of overhaul, which appears to have taken numerous by surprise. Again, I"m going based on what girlfriend all that watch the series, have actually shared in the last 2 days, top top this site. Here"s a sample:- woman DOE, MAR 18, 2015 10:43PMThis is why people loose interest in our black color shows, as well many actors changes. Then it starts confusion. An excellent luck!- BRENDELLE, MAR 18, 2015 11:08PMYou need to lug Raquel back.- SPOTTED FEATHER, MAR 18, 2015 11:21PMKudos to the writers, producers, crew...u are gold and blessed. Thx 4 bringing back this show! Love it! keep on law what u do.- ANITA, MAR 18 11:38PMThere have to be brand-new writers top top the show. Wherein is the sexiness from critical season?- TONYA, MAR 18 11:55PMIf they don"t lug Raquel earlier I will not be watching...and the original one- SHAENA, MAR 19 12:15AMYou guys need to carry Raquel back this show. Provides no sense now and also it looks stupid and dumb. What occurred to picking it up wherein it left off. And also then putting what happened to Raquel- DEE, MAR 19 12:16AMPlease bring back Raquel!!!- DEEDEE, MAR 19 12:40AMThis to be the worst illustration of solitary ladies that I"ve ever before watched, and also I"ve been a fan from the beginning!!! the character alters was horrible!! together anticipation, just too it is in let down!!!! will certainly not clock again- JAZZY, MAR 19 1:04AMBring earlier Raquel! This illustration of single ladies didn"t make any kind of sense, short sophistication and also sex appeal...horrible! I"ve watched the shoe since season 1, but I will certainly not clock again.- DIANA, MAR 19 1:31AMEverybody doesn"t should be unhappy..Where the hell is Rachel??? Terrance is dying- no SURPISED, MAR 19 7:19AMSingle Ladies just jumped aboard the "Empire" clone-train.- CANDICE, MAR 19 7:28AMThis season sucks large time. Ns was looking forward because that terrance and also raquel love connections.malcom and keisha trying to make it work.After the first few minutes right into it i lost interest too countless changes. I have been waiting for practically a totality year through anticipation and it just flop huge time. I dont think i will certainly watch the remainder of the season.Big disppointment.- APPLE, MAR 19 8:29AMI was yes, really pissed v this show last night. How are you"ll simply going to eliminate Rachel choose that. Then have her declared dead. Then Malcolm is lacking and Keisha is in jail. Climate you carry in every these new people. Ns waited this long for this mess. Very DISAPPOINTED.- RENEE, MAR 19 8:39AMoh cursed I"d hope this sorry display was gone and gone for good.. But I"m glad because that those of girlfriend that like it...- ANGIE, MAR 19 9:01AMNo Raquel, No watch!- STARR WHATLEY, MAR 19 10:17AMno Raquel and also Terrance will certainly not watch- JACKIE, MAR 19 10:37AMThe show is nothing there is no Raquel she demands to be lugged back- MILLIE, MAR 19 10:55AMThey should have presented new cast slowly. I was prefer what the heck. That is that?- JUSTRIGHT, MAR 19 11:56AMWhy is Raquel no on this season? The display does not also feel the same.- IESHIA REVELS, MAR 19 12:29PMI really enjoy watching this show, however I don"t think it will be the exact same without Raquel. You need to really discover a way to carry her back.- KAYLA, MAR 19 2:10PMUghhh, therefore disappointed!! Bring back Raquel (Denise Vasi). Where"s Malcolm?? Sean? TOO many changes...I will watch one an ext week climate I"m OUT!!!- ERICA, MAR 19 6:03PMIt"s no longer "Single Ladies". As a result, need to start new with a different show, and build a various expectation and also audience. It"s far various than the display that inspired a loyal audience come persevere in spite of cancellation and network changes. It has three year of branding and also is unlikely to draw those that did not prefer the original. I don"t see exactly how it will survive. Loved Raquel and also the original show. Not feeling this recreation.And there"s much more where that came from. Yet I think the critical comment indigenous Erica sums up what most seem to it is in feeling around the series" return and debut top top Centric - as I stated earlier, an noticeable overhaul that the show, with new cast members audience weren"t pre-introduced to, and also previous cast members who space apparently now gone, with apparent special love for Raquel - the character played by Denise Vasi.If you"re a long-time fan of the series, and you did clock the first episode that season 4 ~ above Wednesday that this week, share your thoughts in the comment section below - particularly if girlfriend disagree through the over consensus.It may simply be the some space being a bit too impatient, particularly after simply one episode, and also they should take into consideration watching a couple of more to gain into the groove the it almost everywhere again, regardless of the evident changes. Although these are changes that, if friend were reading this site last year, girlfriend would"ve expected.Read on...Given the 250+ commentsthe poston this blog last year,announcing the cancellation that the collection received - the majority of them lamenting the news, phone call forVH1to reconsider - finding out that BET/Centric had actually picked up the series was music to the ear of many.In February the 2014,VH1announced that, ~ it"s third season, the network would end itshit dramaseries "Single Ladies"- theQueen Latifah/Flavor Unit Entertainmentproduced originalscripted regime (which was additionally VH1’s first hour-long scripted series), i beg your pardon starredLisaRaye McCoy,Denise Vasi,Charity Shea,D.B. Woodside,Travis Winfrey,Terrell Tilford, with new additions during its critical season ~ above VH1, inLeToya Luckett,Damien Dante WayansandLesley-Ann Brandt."We"ve to be proud to deliver three seasons of the drama, romance and also style that involved viewers in each episode ofSingle Ladies," VH1 claimed in a statement."Although we"ve chose not to move forward with another season, we hope to work-related again through the talented cast, creatives and producers and also our partner at smell Unit entertain in the near future.We likewise thank the show"s pan for your support due to the fact that the premiere in 2011."A pair of months later, BET"s Centric announced itsplans come revive the series, with Queen Latifah"s smell Unit Entertainment company developing what would be a fourth season exclusively for the network.As component of the agreement, Centric would likewise start delivering Latifah"s syndicated daytime talk present (which has been canceled because then).At the time, the was stated that casting was reportedly NOT guaranteed to look prefer what the did when the collection was top top VH1, so, as I claimed at the time to fans of the series, don"t be surprised if there to be a remixing the the 3 leads, and supporting characters. And it"s obvious now the there has actually been.The series" season 3 premiere illustration drew2.6 million viewers, anda 1.74 rating, which was up an astounding +51% from the series" season 2 debut, and also itaveraged 2.2 million total viewers transparent the season, which suitable its season 2 numbers.So the cancellation was a surprise, especially since it had actually been a successful series for the network, over its 3 seasons. Although, after its debuted in 2011, VH1 did choose up various other scripted series, like "Hit The Floor," the dance dramedy that starsKimberly Elise,Taylour Paige,Charlotte Ross,Logan BrowninghasandDean Cain. I suggested previously that this may have actually been a catalyst because that the cancellation.But clearly BET/Centric observed the potential in it, and also the choose up actually made sense for the network, provided its recent overall shift towards woman-centricoriginal scripted programming.It"s advanced over the years, at some point beingrebranded by BET as Centric, in 2009,into what had essentially come to be a basic interest channel targeted at african American adult audience (compared come BET"stargeted younger viewers - back that appears to be changing), through programming consisted of primarily the music evaluation from throughout the Diaspora, as well as unscripted content and lots the old black color TV shows favor "227," "The Cosby Show," "The Jamie Foxx Show" and many more.The network cases that it"s cultivation into a premiere location for african American females - a crown that ns think Oprah Winfrey"s own will controversy belongs come them, offered its sped up reach in that demographic, year-over-year, since it launched.

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The fight for the african American woman"s fist is underway. Read my 2014 piece on that matter here.No word yet on what the season 4 premiere ratings numbers are.